Breaking News : KQ On Verge Of Total Collapse . Flights Cancelled En Mass

Nairobi: Kenya Airways Sunday cancelled five morning flights from Nairobi due to what they termed as shortage of crew.

KQ flights 600 to Mombasa, 432 to Kilimajaro, 350 to Juba, 706 to Lusaka/Harare and 740 to Maputo were cancelled after the crew failed to report to work.

Flight 782 to Livingston/Capetown was experiencing a delay.

“Some of our outsourced staff including cabin crew have stayed away from work from Friday and we are working with their employer to resolve any issues they may have,” said the national carrier in a statement.

Staff wa Career Directions are on strike.

Below is arrivals schedule as at 11:33am today.


Below is the departure status. Delay na Cancelled ndio mingi.


These cabin crew staff who are on strike waanze kutafuta other jobs because they will be laid off and replaced pap!. Like Naikuni said, one can go to Kencom stage and get several people who can be cabin crews. Whoever advised them to strike misadvised them.

More than 700 members of staff are now employed under Career Directions Limited (CDL). They earn a net salary of Ksh 36,000 per month for oth in-flight crew and ground customer service staff.

However KQ pays CDL at least 150,000/- per month, per staff member just for Career Directions Limited to pay KQ staff Ksh 36,000. No leave allowance, No medical cover for staff’s kids.

This is something which should not be excused. Just Ksh 36,000 which KQ calls cost cutting measure. How do you cost cut when you pay a go-between more than you pay your staff? How is that even qualifying as a prudent financial procedure?

The CDL/KQ staff are forced to work long shifts with few off days too.

The founder of Career Directions, Lucy Mmari was rumoured to be a girlfriend of former KQ CEO, Titus Naikuni. So the career directions deal was not for the benefit of KQ but to loot funds and benefit a girlfriend.

Anyone who is managing KQ and still doesn’t see a problem in the KQ deal with CDL should be ashamed of even qualifying to be called a manager.

KQ is going down not because it is not making money but because the company is spending more money than its making. How do you explain KQ paying Ksh 50 for a bottle of Soda they can buy for Ksh 23? How do you explain KQ spending Ksh 150 per packet of nuts they can get for a third of the price elsewhere?

Do you know that KQ senior staff delay and cancel flights so that they can get money from hotels? Like book 500 guests in Hotel A then tell the hotel to charge an extra 4 rooms for you to keep? If the hotels charge Ksh 20,000 per room, that is Ksh 80,000 per flight. Cancel 50 flights in a month and the frauds have over 4million.

That is the fraud at KQ. Mbuvi Ngunze, Naikuni, Alex Wainaina, Chris Kirubi, Lucy Mmari etc are behind these and should be charged in a court of law.

Not a cheaper option.Meanwhile KQ will be loosing millions of shillings daily and may never recover from this ( reputation wise). Never underestimate the power of employees to bring down an organisation. The Pilots strike is next and KQ is kaput.

Pilot strike will be stopped tomorrow evening.

WTF??? how true is this?


You have the whole report? Ni DM if you do please. Thanks.

Summary of the green dot fraud report.


Have they thought of selling KQ to chinese?


The airline is grappling with a strike threat by members of the Kenya Airline Pilots Association (Kalpa), who have said they will down their tools on Tuesday despite a court order barring the industrial action.

Should the pilots go ahead with the strike, this could be a financially costly standoff for the troubled airline that is trying to fly out of turbulence.

The pilot strike will be called off tomorrow evening

Have they thought of handing over the 700 jobs to chinaman? We can get a lot for so little from chinaman.

We just need to approach the right chinese investors and we solve this small problem.

Tanzanians haveva name for this, “shamba la bibi”

@Nattydread @Meria Mata @Wakanyama et al. The usual ‘nyama eating’ mungiki descedants have choosen to give this important thread a miss. Because they ate all the KQ ‘nyama’ to the bone. ALL KENYANS are now paying the price including Aden Duale and Kenneth Matiba.

Safi kama pamba ate too. BIG time kwanza

Corruption will be the end of us. I cry for KQ.

I really fear for the survival of SGR when it begins to operate.