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I know someone going to shit on his pants

why should a problem domiciled in one section of the country necessitate an archaic law for the rest of us?

Who’s that feminist mathafaka Patrick Wainaina. Iyo bill najua ilidraftiwa na his commanding wife.

Mgtow brigade wako na a team of lawyers

No sane male MP will vote that thing. Infact men MPs ndio wanatop hio premier League ya away matches na kuzaa watoto nje.
Hapo ni kama kuambia MP ajitie kamba Kwa shingo halafu apige stool teke.
That law is meant to fail on ground of no public participation.

Enyewe hio parliament imejaa mafisi hakuna vile such a law will see the light of day.

Huyo ghasia mp ni like anatafuta Facebook.



Illogical and unfair. Upkeep should not be assessed based on need and ability not a blanket 50%.

What of a man with two or three baby mamas? How will upkeep be computed?

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@administrator cheza kama wewe

Feminist logic. Mary Wambui has 4 kids with the husband. Then he goes and impregnates another woman. 50% goes to the orher woman. Her four kids share the remaining 50% .

Such laws make women to commercialize marriage further than they already have. Only a retarded man can come up with such nonsense. Hiyo kip.ii Wainaina inafaa ishikwe ifinywe makeii

This will fail in the reading stage. Hao MPs ndo wakona mpango wa kando wengi sana

the constitution is the bedrock of kenyan law , those funny by laws will be a waste of stupid MCAs time it wont stand

The guy must be angling for the woman rep seat, Wamuchomba is in trouble.

Nini husumbua Okuyu simps? Ghaseer


It is The Kids@#mercy…The Kiambu DNA story summarized… :D:D:D