BREAKING NEWS : Kenyan Politicians To Get Immunity From Prosecution While In Power

[SIZE=6]Tanga tanga politicians are busy at work ! KUDOS …[/SIZE]


Our saved tanga tanga chicken seller will save kenya with help from our able tanga tanga politicians … AMEN !

2022 liwe liwalo !


Anyone who takes Gabriel Oguda serious is not to be taken serious. Its shameful he earns his daily bread by insulting Ruto. I pity his wife

according to the newspaper article the bill is being fronted by cherongei,…oguda is just highlighting the article

he is a sensationalist. Uhuru and his family are fighting Arror, let him not sign the bill, ii kelele ingine niya nini? Si president ana power ya kuweka kidole ama kukataa?

So Gabriel writes for nation and reads standard?That says a lot about his content.

it doesnt change what I wrote…the fact remains cherongei is working on such a bill…as reported by oguda. whether it’s assented to or not is not the issue here

I didn’t know it was taboo for newspaper people to read from any other publication other than theirs

Its not until you start sharing photos of a rival publication.Would you love petites then floss land whales like @rexxsimba ?

those are lawmakers. legislators. they can make any law they wish. they are our senators. we voted them in. why are we now denouncing them? when will we take the responsibility? they are our sons, daughters, relatives, parents. judges wanakufa wakitomba malaya, morally bankrupt, but mpig akikuwa nguruwe like he should be tunateta? lets be serious.

If you don’t support Arror, and make him your project, and control him, the cartels will support him, and own him, nani ataumia?

:D:D sani.

Merry krismas n happy new year.

you are actually agreeing with me…I didn’t mention whether cherongei was wrong or right…our contention was about oguda being the originator of this story…of which we have now established he’s not

Sana sana utaendelea kusupport Arap kimwarer … it’s your democratic right …
But you’re trying too hard to shove him down others throats.
I believe his good deeds and integrity should preceed him…

@sani I think I have a good impression of u r. In the past u used to passionately defend Uhuru and Ruto. It was ur religion back then. How are people in Makueni town?

makueni kuko poa, kuja ubebe maembe. i don’t support Ruto, but i hate it that a thief is telling me another thief is a thief. [SIZE=1]dont expose me[/SIZE]

ignorant uhuruto voters destroyed this country and we are all paying the price …bure kabisa

Huo mswada uletwe tu uchambue kabla upitishwe na hawa mangaa.