Breaking News: Kayole Gangster Girl who was allegedly "Killed" by Cops is still Alive

The Girl named Clea Adi Vybz was indeed shot by police at point blank range . The police thought she was dead and took her to the City Mortuary where they dumped her as it’s common with police. They only wrote a short report explaining the cause of death and left.

Clea Adi Vybz claims that the mortuary attendant was in the process of undressing her to clean her when she whispered to him that she was not yet dead. She pleaded with him not to call the cops. Luckily the attendant obliged. He secretly called a friend who knows a friend and Clea was taken to Nairobi hospital. Clea says her beauty helped her get sympathy and help from Doctors and nurses who attended to her shot head.

She was then flown to S.Africa where she is currently hospitalized and recuperating well.

Clea says she is not a thief nor a gangster bt the only mistake she did was having a boyfriend who was one. She claims the cop who shot her is a rogue cop who had a misunderstanding with her boyfriend over a deal gone wrong… He wanted to fuck Clea by force bt when she refused is when he shot her.

Ujinga peleka Huko kwenu GAZA…hapa hatutambui mharo news!

The Nairobi hospital does not take pity on people! Who paid that bill?

And she better be in a studio recording an album to capitalize on that shot

Bish acting like she wasn’t in it kimpango.Vile amejitetea na kufika s.a just shows her skills …


who the fuck are you again?

ooh NV…

Hawa ni wale wezi wa GAZA wana jaribu kuinfiltrate village…how would Nairobi Hospital or any other hospital take a gunshot victim without a police abstract?

Clea Adi Vybz Adi Gaza Adi Kartel

@Deorro ,hii handle ni ya jirani,funga yeye tena .

That can only be beauty in kaa yo le

Sikuona ni nv ha wacha nitembe…I thought they started their own village…

Nimeona wheelchair… Wapi @ Ka-Buda

huyu ni @kichwakibovu na huyo anakaa mwanaume kiplani

una bidii sana kijana

niaje Screwplus?

A head shot at point blank range, left for dead, managed to survive at the morgue, sneaked out to Nairobi hosi, then to South Africa without raising suspicion? Hapo ndio Hekaya za Ktalk zimetufikisha…

Poa mse mvua tu ndo ilinipata mombatha…

hehe hii story ni ngumu kuiamini. Surely with informers everywhere, kina pamba would have had a 411 and rushed to finish the job. @Kirwa kuja hapa…mbona huyu hakula ndengu visuri. Ebu leta crime scene ngori images so that our forensic experts can tell us if its true huyu dame bado yupo.

huyu dame nk wa SA alijump kutoka moving vehicle…mharo sisi apantambua[ATTACH=full]99210[/ATTACH]


Hata Mimi

Nimenotice hivo weka yeye ndani @Deorro


CSI @ebbie to the rescue.