BREAKING NEWS: Huge Explosion Rocks Kabul Airport After ISIS Threat. Scores Dead

Kumenunga mbaya.


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USA is a always a failure in every war, now their citizens are left to fend for themselves. Where are their Action heroes akina Delta Force from FAKE Hollywood movies?




When you have a shitty president not even your best commandoes can save you. Decision making is critical. In the U.S even the most senior military commander is woke and feels that attacking Taliban is racist.

Your stupid RepliCUNTS started this illegal war. Blame Bush & Chenny

Why would Americans travel to Afghanistan though? Shida ya those cunts ni nini?

Visit and See thaat the United Sodom Of America is just an overacted Cesspit Sh!thole


Kwani ISIS ilirudi?! I thought that outfit died kitambo.

Kuna hadi adu a nyumba wako stranded huko Kabul bana walikuwa wana hawk waru bana… Kenyans really hustle hard banaa

Muslims killing fellow muslims as usual. Whats usually wrong with these fuckers

How many Kenyans?


These fuckers are not MUSLIMS they are only pretending to be but they are not .

The US exit was planned to a hilt going by the latest. Evacuation flights, brain drain now ISIS wameland. Interesting times ahead.

You dont know or feel the pain muslims go thru wen they do such atrocities under the pretxt of muslims or islam.
E.G. KKK arent all americans thus you cant say all americans are KKK

Who are muslims because they definately are neither christians or hindu. Problem is true reasonable muslims do not actively condemn those soiling that religions name. Look at Pakistan for example, despite all the attrocities committed by the taliban against Afghans since the 90’s, that suposedly muslim country has always been the core support of the taliban. Today, innocent afghan citizens who are also muslims are refugees all over the world as refugees having run away from their fellow citizens. As for saudi arabia, we know they are the biggest global sponsors of terrorism. That religion for some reason breeds the most radical people focusedon destruction all over the world. Why?

So how do we condemn them ? They kill their fellow muslims,infact they target muslims countries mostly i.e syria, iraq libya, yemen, somalia,. If they are against the west, why dont they go to them countries and do.their atrocities there. If its religion, then we all muslims of the world be suciders BUT we arent, these people call themselves muslims but they arent, they are following orders from their masters just to tarnish the islamic religion BUT that wont work. The more they try to destroy this religion.the more people accept this religion as the only true religion.

Hebu look for that dutch anti islam politician who has and ask him why become a muslim when what is being done by these murderers who say they are muslims.

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pesa mkubwa. They were contractors being paid many times more than normal. Officially aid is given to Afghanistan, but in reality, it never leaves US or those other countries