Breaking news: HIV reportedly cured in London

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For just the second time since the global epidemic began, a patient appears to have been cured of infection with HIV, the virus that causes Aids.
The news comes nearly 12 years to the day after the first patient known to be cured, a feat that researchers have long tried, and failed, to duplicate.
The surprise success now confirms that a cure for HIV infection is possible, if difficult, researchers said.
The investigators are to publish their report Tuesday in the journal Nature and to present some of the details at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Seattle.
Publicly, the scientists are describing the case as a long-term “remission.” In interviews, most experts are calling it a cure, with the caveat that it is hard to know how to define the word when there are only two known instances.

Hiyo kweli ni good news to our thieving nation : Ngoja uone vile it’ll feature Kwa fake tender items za dam construction and drain away billions

Pharmaceuticals zitanukisha kitunguu

Mwafrika utangoja 50 years ndio bei ya cure ikue affordable, so for now just keep having safe sex. This is good news for your kids and grandkids.

the poor will still die

Kama Malaria na Cholera zinau watu yet dawa iko sembuse hii kitu?

Thought viruses cant be cured? What about cure for Ebola? Its deadlier and airborne.

all i know there is a cure somewhere, aids was created to de populate africa and asia ile siku watasema dawa imepatikana be assured wataachilia ugonjwa inaua in 1 month or less hakuna vile inaeza kua imeshinda scientists for almost 40 years

another deadly plague would reach us faster than the cure for aids .any smart person would see how diseases and cure have been capitalized by the hwytes

If they seriously wanna depopulate , Ebola is easier and faster plus vaccines targeting women to sterilise them like tetanus . Having high population isnt equivalent to success. The majority wealthiest and most developed countries dont have high population. If you watch documentaries on slum population you will pray for population control, I saw a guy who cooks samosa has 9 kids, surely is that fair to the kids, in one room, on one bed , what kind of life can he give 9 kids? When he lives in a 700 bob room? Africans need to get with the program. Theyre too much.Especially in slums its totally insane.If they cant control their birthing, someone should. Btw I am interested to see if HIV has affected population in its strongholds like Nyanza in the coming population census.

if they want to depopulate it would be easier to just make us sterile …or could it be their goal is to make money

Let’s start by asking ourselves

[SIZE=5]1. What is a virus[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]It was good while it lasted… so many careless perverts were wiped out . [/SIZE][SIZE=6](offcourse excluding kids born with the virus and people who got infected by cheating spouses , poleni ) but everybody else was fair game…
if only we can invent a disease that only infects corrupt peaople …[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6] leteni matusi am ready ![/SIZE]


How about medical practitioners infected in the course of duty, eh!!?

i have shown remorse for the innocent in my post … all are represented , poleni sana :frowning:

That cure is still not viable in mass scale

What about wale wameletewa ugonjwa kwa ndoa?

Genetic engineering is going to be the future… Using stem cells to eradicate an uncurable virus falls within that category.

Will Africa ever catch up with these medical advancements?

an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, is too small to be seen by light microscopy, and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host.

“the hepatitis B virus”