Breaking news: GSU officers storm Senator Prengei funeral

Happening in Molo. DP and crew are in attendance.

So, DP’s GSU security has been restored ?

Corona is fought kwa rungu na sura ngumu.

Storm…looks more like a saunter

kama wewe ni mtu wa UDA na uko GSU, utafanyeje ndio uhepe kuenda kutandika hustlers wezako bila kupewa disciplinary action?

You’ll lose your job, like many UDA members.

All this is just creating support for the thief Ruto !

The BBI fail had really unhinged the tantrum baby

Covid regulations regarding burials must be adhered to. We are a country that follows laws. No super spreader events allowed. Super spreaders should be taken to the hague for being a threat to humanity.

Nonsense. No such thing has happened before. Why now after the incredible failure of BBI.

Yeah, right…But it never created support for Raila when he was being molested by Uhuruto…?

Wacha jokes za sympathy, Nani. :D:D:D

But wanakaa ni kama wanaenda ku recite Choral Verse.

Yeah we saw that being enforced at kajwang father’s funeral. Smh.

GSU imejaa watu wa huko almost 1/3 tangu siku za Nyayo

As a retires British Granadier, what I learnt in my many years in govt is that it has enough minions to make your life miserable on short notice. Huwezi shindana na ndovu kupupu. Govt busybodies can make your life hell on earth mpaka usahau kuenda choose.
Think about it for a minute; the supposed proponents of BBI are busy in Nairobi or elsewhere doing their thing but kwa ground, tanga tangas are having something to worry about.

I see no storming:Dama kizungu ndio ngumu kwako:D

It doesn’t matter much. The proponents are not busy doing their thing; they are unhinged.

Na reinforcement iko tu hapo … salgaa mbele kiasi kwa iyo corner ya black spot. Just Incase …

So what was the meaning of all this