Breaking news from Somalia Gedo region deputy governor.


I am not certain on the dynamics of war in somolia but it high time our military gets back to kenya na tuache izi mashetani ziendelee kuuana.

Let them try to invade Kenya and we shall not even use our military to crush them. Mungiki will be more than enough!

A stable somalia is a security threat

Because of social media anybody can say anything. The leaders have learned to separate the noise from the real threats. This one falls in the category of noise

Kidogo kidogo all Somalis in Nairobi will see fire if those kind of comments continue

The kenyan government has them by the balls and the low iq mofos are either too proud or too dumb to even know it

somali troops will invade kenya up to its capital:D:D:D:D

Kenyans having somali by the balls
Somali fears Ethiopia but not kenyan fools

Bulshit thread
Bulshit tweet
Bulshit nvchieth

Its reached a point where a deputy governor can issue threats like these, tsk

Even a toddler can kill dozens with a bomb or unarmed civilians with a gun. Their only advantage is that they are uncouth and inhuman while their perceived opponents are for the most part governed by human rights and civility. On the same platform, they would be annihilated

Sheikh Spear was a Somali Arab

I have always maintained this. A stable united Somalia is a threat to kenya’s interests.

Countries around Somalia are ready to pay whatever price, to ensure Somalia will never be peaceful and united.

Why is that ?

Wachana na hawa warmongers na fear mongers

ha ha the regime in Somali esp kismayu cannot survive a day without KDF’s support…
these low IQ somali mofos with their imagined superiority should be abandoned and borders closed so that they cannot slaughter each other with this “interference” that they keep talking about

Take the war to them, no need to let them grow strong enough to travel south

Shouldn’t be underestimated

They should try ndio matiangi uses the excuse to clean up eastleigh