Breaking news...Eden Hazard

BREAKING: Real Madrid have agreed a deal in principle worth £88m to sign Eden Hazard from Chelsea, Sky Sports News understands.

Now, Were they expected to misunderstand? ( [SIZE=1]Don’t[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]mind[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]me[/SIZE], I [SIZE=1]just[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]kicked[/SIZE] the [SIZE=1]cat[/SIZE])

The hollow cat?

No, a metaphorical mouse catcher.

Not the one @Makonika kicks when he wants to prove to the boss that he can beat her?

Luka Jovic also made a move there. He’s only 21. I felt terrible coz he had a promising future at Eintracht (i believe). But Real is a place to retire so I hope he’s not benched and wasted.

This one was expected. Nangoja waanze kuuza Solksjær apite na Isco na bei ya jioni

Meanwhile David James has passed his medical at Carrington. He signs for United from Swansea.
@uwesmake and @Panyaste what is happening at Emirates kwa msito Emery hajasain. Ama hana kasamthing. Wekeni PAYBILL tuwasaidie mpate za kununua ama mfulize .

Wanataka uzaa Granit Xhaka

Kwanza naskia Emery ameita autioneers wauze your rotten defense. Kolscieny, mustafi,lichesteina [SIZE=1]sijui kama ni hivyo huandikwa.[/SIZE]

Huyo james ni nani.hapa man u iko shida.

Xhaka is an unpredictable, slow and lacks the intelligence of a midfielder. Just like our Joginho

Tembea you tube Baba zile Thao old notes nunua data mbandos kabla Zi expire.

Let Hazard go. We need to rebuild and focus on young players. The transition will be slow. Yes. Painful to gamblers? Yes. But it will be worth it. Absence of Hazard will ensure responsibility is distributed evenly across the team.

James natambua ni mmoja tu. Thao old ni heri nitumie kamaa tissue

Have you noted clubs are running away from Big names player. Kwanza established players ni sumu akina pogba,oezil

football is becoming expensive sana. mtu anaspend budget mzima on 2 - 3 players. you might as well build talent kutoka baby club ama ununue young budding blood from other clubs

That’s is where football is heading to. Look at Delle Ali alitolewa team ya nyasi,Maddison,Vardy na Harry Maguire wote walicheza team za nyasi.

We love the buying and selling season like now. We love it. Mwenye alitukalia nonsense thruout the season aende. Mwenye maringo out ni njaaaaaaaaa kwenda kabisa. Wengine wanakuta wameshuka from Liverpool to Bournemouth…

You will sell but you can’t buy because of ban.