Hii ni upuzi sasa

@maizeroaster the time is now!!!

I dont think he dropped it, he will be tried for it later so that they can first prosecute him n the other 2 with murder first.

screenshot ya individual twitter account tuamini?

Money talks & and the highest bidder buys the judiciary :meffi:


The time is indeed ripe for peasants to take back their nation from rogue thieves and murderers

yaani tuseme Kenya iko hivi sasa…

wondering why we are acting surprised:mad::mad::mad: we all knew this was going to happen

Nilikuwa nina mwambia a female comrade ya kwamba after the storm surrounding him calms down he will walk scott free dame alikuwa anakataa. Ona sasa.

Mchomaji mahindi @maizeroaster hio revolution ikaanza jua ya kwamba niko na wewe kabisa mimi nitakuwa Lieutenant colonel. Viva Kenya!

Might you guys remember a magistrate ruling that for a conspiracy charge to be sustained the prosecution must produce evidence of the alleged conspirators meeting to plan the alleged crime?

:D:D:D:D:D,wacha kapantie amalize kukula lunch,@TrumanCapote ,kuja kidogo.

tho i don’t think you have to prove the conspirators met

Upuzi ni kuandika vitu hauelewi.

DPP appealed last month, the argument being the prosecution shouldn’t have to prove a physical meeting took place but if dereliction of duty along a chain is proven, congruence of mind should be presumed. I like his chances.

In the meantime,I will wait to see an official tweet from DPP otherwise I treat it as fake news. Tuko hapa Jevanjee ya ktalk rallying peasants na Patco ,maizeroaster na general Eddy Mahelo.
Peasants riahhh!
peasants atchuuu!
peasants ratatataaaa!
Anybody seen @sani ?
we will be addressing media outside central police station on his suspected arrest and demand he be returned here.

seriously,I’m bored.

:D:D umesahau thibim!! thiarara!!

Hata Naftali K will go scott free.


May 31st it is. na pamba msilete upus.

1 million man!at Jevanjee? GTFOH