BREAKING NEWS: CHILDREN Serial Killer Wanjala Escapes From Police Custody. Mjichunge Sana

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Masten Millimo Wanjala, the self-confessed serial killer behind the murder of more than 10 minors, has escaped from police custody.

According to police sources, Wanjala was being held at Jogoo Road Police Station in Nairobi when he escaped.

It remains unclear how the 20-year-old suspect managed to slip from custody.

Last month detectives confirmed that Wanjala had killed four minors in Bungoma, bringing to 13 the number of his victims.

The 20-year-old led detectives to two murder scenes in Machakos county, five in Nairobi and two in Kajiado.

He was scheduled to face 13 counts of murder.


@uwesmake please, tunakusihi… rudi jela!

Good news…sasa akishikwa ni kuchoma

How much is the bounty we hunt him like the animal he is.

Psychopaths are some of the most socially intelligent fellows, am sure alikuwa anazubaisha makarao na story zake na akaona mwanya… every conman is a psychopath too

13 murders ata uwe na story gani hakuna mtu atakubali hio upuzi, cells are not as guarded nor modern buildings. Njaro huwa file kwa mkate alafu usiku watu wanainua.

This is what happens when mbaruyas are not pacified by muhindi employers. They go nuts. Thats why as a right of passage every baruya should do a 1 year stint pale industrial area kwa patel. Most end up liking it and have never left like @poyoloko na @uwesmake.

Onyancha walked free even after confessing.

Police know there is no enough evidence to lock him up. He can easily use the insanity chip.

Solution: Let him out and execute him to save time and resources of building up a waterproof case.

jamaa ame teleport into 1960

Hii nyang’au ingenyongwa day one…

he may have impersonated another person with a petty crime and paid some fine / bribe for release…or as @fishmonger @gatume are saying, executed by cops

Alisaidiwa kama yule matatu driver huko k list