Breaking news. Breaking news.


Hii tuliona 1946hrs


the only positive breaking news i have waited for so long is the stepping down of Bashar Al Assad…bado haija happen…na ile maneno ingine ya palestine

hii niliona 2nd august

Breaking breaking breaking tgaga wana!

Good news @Okiya .

Ahsante @Okiya.
Hope the others follow suit.

good news @Okiya, hapa naona bank zingine ziki tii!

nyinyi watu wa kukojolea thread toeni umeffi hapa.

Iko nene?


bado wako twede foo parasent hadi 14th September… meffi hao!

Tick tock ni next week tu


Sasa nifanyiwe karikureshoni. Nikishukua mita biri nitaripa inderest mbesha ngafi?

Who would have thought ungekuja pande yetu ya ‘experimenting’

I said here before that KBRR is a professional metric but the much logical one is CBR…I expect the CBK to go for CBR…
CBR is not a robust metric considering it is reviewed every two months and you can’t have interest rates changing every two months
Remember with the current market forces CBR will be revised downwards and rate will go below 10% so banking rates will go below 14%

I think CBK should come up with an entirely new metric… Lets wait and see.

Dont get me wrong. I’ve been consistent all through. I was for lowering of interest rates but against capping them because it would lead to consequences such as these.


Okiya uliza contacts zako ekweetee whats cooking behind scenes ama we should expect such tweets

Ngojea Wednesday. Haiko mbali