Breaking news: Beyonce becomes the first black woman to wear the Tiffany diamond


Is Blood Diamond a real diamond? She doesn’t realize this ?

Blood diamonds (also called conflict diamonds, brown diamonds, hot diamonds, or red diamonds) are diamonds mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army’s war efforts, or a warlord’s activity.

True dat

Good Morning Chief…

These 2 all they want is glamour, fame na kusifiwa. with all the wealth they have, i bet maybe they haven’t even made a trip to Africa to check on their ancestral origins nor do they have any charitable organisations helping poor Africans.

Morning brother. I concur with you. It’s all about glamour and show off

Enyewe vitu huwa zinakubamba chifu…:D:D

Live and let live.

so create child slaves to dig out diamonds for them rich to live ?

Diamonds natambua ni zile za msito Charles Taylor.

I thought it was mined by the boers 141 years ago after they ‘discovered sataafrika’ . If that falls under conflict then Eliza’s crown jewels should be labelled as such. Ama pia nyinyi muko kwa mugithi ya cancel culture? I wouldnt be surprised if it creeps up on her. This world is hard

I dont listen to any of their current songs but i give due credit to their actions as normal people
They helped to raise 7 billion for supporting issues like HIV/AIDS and increasing literacy for 121 million people across africa, JZ is building boreholes making sure water is vailable to all. There are other artist you didnt now they are low key supporting africa,french montana,kanye,lil jon,50 and akon(obviously) and yes the couple has been to kenya,UGtz,liberia and ghana.

This is not an accomplishment. It is just another status marker.

huyu msito he’s in jail i think ? wee alizirokota hizo mawe.

is it only mostly africans are jailed by ICC, yaani percentage of prisoners are mostly Africans, kwani Europeans wao hawafanyi makosa za kuwapelekea ICC.

truly,havent heard nor seen beyonce and jayz assistance, BUT if they are doing that, then its ok.

as to the others, akon etc, i do know and seen on tv programs assisting people which is good.

Shida ni ati we can boycott the Kangaroo court. But in Africa, ni ngumu sana criminals kufungwa.

Nope. Thats not it.

This is it.
If this is what they are all about…let them be…lifes to short man…enjoy yourself while you can.

i’ll enjoy my life trying my best to live it correctly, without being unfair to others whoever it is. i.e. @ home we have a lady house help. we don’t call her servant like others, we call her dada, all my kids call her dada. she eats what we eat, i come from abroad, goodies for my kids are also given to her for kids, ( sean 4 years & Delight 2 years). she brings them home and we play together with my 3years old, just like an ordinary family.

Why ? because she’s a human like us and we have to treat her with utmost respect, hio kazi ni maisha ndio mbaya making someone go to other extent.

Kuna time 50 alikam kanairo akakaa Sankara hapo westi. The next day akatoka akachapa lap solo ma eneo za The mall,hakuna hata mtu moja alimjua,waliona ni jambazi ya kawaida. Alikuja kusaidia watu ya ghetto za nairobi,ile najua ni water pump ya Kwa reuben na ingine iko place inaitwa Eor- Ekule ukielekea narok/mara . Alibambika sana na kenya. We only see what we want to see when it comes to artist but some are doing good off the stage lights

Walahi its good wasaidiaga watu, truly.

as you might know, some media outlets don’t bring out the positiveness of some artists, thus we tend to believe kua these guys hawatoi sadaqa.

Those who are helping others without posting it on social media are the true philanthropists.

True words well spoken