Breaking News: Arsenal Head Coach Mikel Arteta Tests Positive for Corona Virus

If Hollywood celebrities, pro athletes and even world leaders have been hit by Covid-19, waafrika si tutakufa mpaka we develop a natural immunity? The best that we can hope for is that they find a cure quickly.

If/when this shitstorm dies down, China itabidi wachukuliwe hatua. They’ll have to sign some kind of treaty or repatriate all the victims or something. It can’t be that every few years there’s a deadly virus starting from there and sweeping across the globe killing people, messing with economies, disrupting things everywhere. Inabore. Mara swine flu, tena bird flu, sasa ni Corona virus.

Isn’t that the sensible thing to do if the +ve cases increase? Ban any form of social gatherings et cetra.

Why wait for cases to escalate rather than prevent escalation?

And the deadliest disease epidemic in history known as the black death started in China. It wiped out 60 percent of the world’s population but it didn’t affect black Africans labda Arabs huko North Africa.

China will be the end of us all.

Ironic, that it’s called black death and yet it didn’t touch the black.

@admin priss ongeza hii kwa Ktalk Lexicon kabla inyakuliwe na @Meria Mata.

It’s about as much how it affects people not just how it infects. So far it does not seem to affect blacks and children as fatally as it is the rest.

Number of black people who have died of Coronavirus[SIZE=7] 0[/SIZE]


Imagine na hii season ilikuwa ya YNWA after such a long wait:mad:o_O:saitan:


I second that…they do shit on us these polishitians:D

Watajiua wasipopewa kikombe

Wa-Arsenali ndio wana hiyo record ya kujiua


Tuheshimie arsenal yetu we kende

:D:D mtajiua wangapi mkikosa uropa? Shukuruni wachina na hiyo korona yao

Europa tulishatokaga muda sana au unasemea Europa ipi

Kutafuta namba sita ya next season…