Breaking News: Arsenal Head Coach Mikel Arteta Tests Positive for Corona Virus

C/P from Arsenal website

12 Mar 2020
Our London Colney training centre has been closed after head coach Mikel Arteta received a positive COVID-19 result this evening.
Arsenal personnel who had recent close contact with Mikel will now self-isolate in line with Government health guidelines. We expect this to be a significant number of people from Colney, including the full first-team squad and coaching staff, as well as a smaller number of people from our Hale End Academy which we have also temporarily closed as a precaution.

We expect those who did not have close contact with Mikel to return to work in the coming days. In the meantime our Colney and Hale End training centres will undergo a deep clean and our other club sites are operating as normal.


All upcoming EPL matches will most likely be suspended.


Noma sana hii corona haitambui hadi wenye pesa

Black man aint safe hii. Callum hudson odoi tests positive

Ile siku itafika huku hatuko safe

You see? So much for black genetic superiority. Pride always comes before a fall!

Meanwhile racists Italians wanamaliswaaaaa

Benjamin mendy of Manchester City is also under quarantine after a member of his family fell ill. Kusema ukweli sioni EPL ikichezwa Jumamosi, mechi kati ya Juventus na Lyon na Man city na Real zimeahirishwa. Wachina wachomwe

I am however yet to see a more stupid human being than Boris Johnson. He’s claiming he will close sch and social gatherings when the cases rises higher. Huyo mutu ni maffi hukula ama alizaliwa ivo? How did he rise to be a pm?

Shikamoo purple

Whenever you see all these organizations, companies, clubs, governments etc. acting in concert as if on cue, know something sinister is in the offing; this is something planned and orchestrated with a certain end in mind. Usually it will happen before certain restrictions which would otherwise not see the light of day due to opposition, are put in place.

Meanwhile as Football fans we will never forgive nor forget What China has done. Shens sana

This is the time for the whole world to be on lockdown.
-Ground all flights.

  • Restrict border movements
  • Every health facility be corona ready.
    –Enforce basic hygiene.
    -Re-look at the virus. (Why is it so deadly? Is it a biological weapon of mass destruction?)

Canadian PM’s wife has tested positive for covid-19.

Get well soon Mikel Arteta.

:D:D:D:D Liverpool hakuna EPL Title:D

Usikuwe mjinga… I repeat. You are talking like a disappointed white Supremacist. Woe be unto those who say they’re of this world, and they are not watatii :D:D:D:D
Vile wanaongea kwa Tv about africa… They all expected 99% fatality in Ubuntu land. That’s why Y’all bonobos in the Diaspopo never ran back home, thinking you were safe in the white man’s Tree house, and no white man ran to Afriki.

Maybe they are still strengthening it for King Kong because international media wanashinda wakisema oooh…it is here to stay like the flu…nyef nyef.

Wakikaza haga tukufe, pia wewe unakaza ndugu zako waumie… shenzi sana mtalamba Mororo mkingoja Afriki tuumie.

Sahii ndege tu isemekane inaenda Africa, inajaa mara moja kama Nganya za Rongai:D:D:D:D

Nguruwe zitaingia mpaka na window:D

In the meantime, jifunzeni Kijerumani huko nje time ya quarantine:D:D:D:D:D

Yaani tunakufa tu tukiona,?only God can help us.ngojeni kifo bila kusumbua

Boris is a rich boy who’s father was a popular Conservative polishitian. Even in the developed world much of politics ni pesa na connections tu, very few rise to power on merit. Only difference is their institutions are strong, allowing the common man to hold his leaders accountable, unlike here where we can only say “serikali saidia” whenever shit goes south.