BREAKING NEWS : Arizona forensic audit early results!!

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[SIZE=7]Audit Organizer Says Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots MISSING In Arizona, Boxes Full of Blank Ballots[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]‘The ballots are missing’[/SIZE] by PATRICK HOWLEY

June 14, 2021
Modified-- (AP Photo/Matt York, Pool)

Several hundred thousand votes that were counted in Maricopa County, Arizona are associated with missing ballots, according to an audit organizer who is speaking regularly with people on the audit floor.
“We found a ballot shortage, anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of the votes,” Josh Barnett, an audit organizer who led the affidavit drive to make the audit happen, tells NATIONAL FILE. “It looks like a couple hundred thousand ballots are unaccounted for. The ballots are missing.”

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“I also know that there were boxes filled with blank ballots in those pallets. There were blanks in there,” Barnett said, citing a person who is frequently at the audit site as part of the audit process. “They (election officials) were doing it for appearance, to try to hide the fact that ballots are missing by saying, ‘It’s okay, they’re all right here.’ But the ballots are blank.”

The massive enthusiasm for the Arizona audit is spreading to other states as Audit Fever sweeps America. NATIONAL FILE REPORTED: American patriot activists tell NATIONAL FILE that they are just getting started when it comes to sparking 2020 election audits in disputed states. Some of the main patriot organizers who are leading the audit effort are very optimistic that what started in Maricopa County, Arizona will now spread quickly to nine other states. Targeted states include Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Looking forward to Pennsylvania audit. Hapa ndio the real shocker itakuwa

Election ilishapita, hii upuuus tunafaa kufanyia nini ndugu Alphonse Kinuthia?

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Since you like to see me repeating myself:


You will still be shedding tears here for the next 4 years :smiley:

Like the landslide shocker?
Like the kraken shocker?
Like the Jan 6 shocker?

Your list of failed predictions is actually endless :smiley:

Last year @Kahuni Maisha posted videos concerning the paper folds and bamboo fibres mkasema ni conspiracy theory.

Well it turns out @Kahuni Maisha was right. Slow and steady.

So how many bamboos did they find in the audit :smiley:

You will get your answer soon. Don’t be in a hurry. Just hold on to your foreskin flaps and wait.

Patricia priss tell what’s the worst that can happen hizo bamboos zikipatikana …

Update us Patricia

[SIZE=7]Despite those official pledges, Trump allies have been aggressively trading rumors on social media and elsewhere that the recount has identified hundreds of thousands of fewer ballots than were originally reported by the county in November. Bennett called the notion that large numbers of ballots are missing “crazy.”[/SIZE]

Guys, there are no ballots missing. Gullible Trump fans are very vulnerable to misinformation.

This sham audit will proof once again that your guy lost, it will increase your pains. Sadly for you, it wouldn’t change your illusion.

[SIZE=5]Ken Bennett is a RINO he hates Trump with a passion.

But nevertheless he did confirm that @Kahuni Maisha was right :[/SIZE]

Bennett: Whenever, yeah. The paper valuation goes a little bit slower and is a little more technical all of these boxes in this corral over here have been counted but are awaiting the paper evaluation. There is a lot of work still yet to do on the paper valuation but they’ve increased the paper valuation tables from what was originally 8 to now there’s 32. they’re not all full yet but I think earlier today I saw 22 of the 32 an operation so the paper evaluation catch up quickly also.

Conradson: Alright and paper valuation, there’s a forensic scan of all of the ballots?

Bennett: Yeah see him they’ll scan the back of the ballot and then they’ll flip it over and scan the front of the ballot, then they’ll pass it to another person who puts it under the microscopic cameras that are looking at the alignment marks and also looking at the Oval in the presidential race to make sure that the Oval was filled in by human handheld device, not by a Xerox machine or something like that.

Conradson: And you guys are saving every single ballot image, assigning it a number and everything?

Bennett: Yes

Conradson: What are you going to do with the images? Are they just extra evidence?

Bennett: They’re looking at those ballot images to verify that there’s folds in the ballots that should have folds in it. 1.9 million of the 2.1 million ballots were mailed to the voters and mail back right so and you can usually feel that they are folded but the 5K images being taken by the cameras will also show you where the folds are on the ballot.

Its being done for the next election and future elections. Once the corners democrats cut have been discovered and blocked mambo itakuwa sawa. Its just 2.5 yrs to the election year 2024. Its not far. Hiyo ndiyo inaleta baridi kwa democrats.

Gaay association of Arizona held erections? Who rigged you out patricia

Dushisky osha kuma , customer waje!

First off, it’s over 3 years to 2024 elections. Secondly, there are elections held in between known as midterms. You didn’t know that did you? First research about US elections before telling lies

2021 is already halfway gone.
Then 2022
Then 2023

Those are 2.5 years then you fika the highly anticipated election year 2024. Mid terms do not change the count.

In any case sitajadili miaka, si swali nyeti. Cha msingi ni kuwa audits are ongoing bila wass.

Okay 2021 remain 1/2
2022 1 year
2023 1 year
2024 1 year

3 and half years.

How are the audits helping anyone?
Did you find the bamboo by the way?