BREAKING NEWS. ANOTHER Passenger Dies In A KQ Plane Bound For Mombasa

The plane was still on the tarmac when crew noticed that the passenger was non responsive. It is now beginning to look like foul play is involved. This is the 3rd person in two months.

It has become a death trap.

Bana…si uko chonjo.

Almost 2 minutes afterkeff joinange amesoma message ushaibandika hapa.

Admin ndindu akule kakitu na penshen.

Vaksin sideeffect

Deputy governor

Baringo Deputy Governor

Hata mshade ya kwanza Bado hajakula

Nini inaendelea huko?


COVID injection perhaps. Or return of COVID fifth variant

ni kama Waititu amepita na yeye aende a vie hio kiti

He__ ___!
A man is dead, lemme not laugh

These could be political assassinations. Who were the other 2 who died?