BREAKING NEWS: Another one bites the dust. Leo tunachoma nyama asubuhi wadau.

Paddy Ahenda, ambassador to Qatar and former Kabondo Kasipul MP, has passed on. Inasemekana ghaseer ilipata stroke. Siezi shangaa kama ilikuwa heart attack after kumumunya viagra. Hawa ambassador wa middle east huwa wamenyamazisha micoondu wakenya wakinyanyaswa, despite all the remmitances they send to the country.

Heneway, tumepata kijisababu cha kushoma nyama

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]You’re celebrating his death because he’s quiet when adults of sound mind who are aware of dangers of working as maids in Arab countries still go to work there knowing very well what happens and has been happening there?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]are you that stupid?[/SIZE]

Lakini si ni ghasias hujipeleka huko kunyanyaswa?? Everyday kuna ndege JKIA zinajaa morons going to the middle east kukuwa mboches etc. You can’t blame the guy for not protecting adults who voluntarily choose to become slaves.

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That’s the kind of reasoning I expect from a retarded bonobo. You didn’t disappoint. For your information, Filipinos also used to be killed in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, their president made a lot of noise about it. So much noise that the Kuwaitis and Saudis had to plead with him to shut up because he was embarrassing them. Nowadays, Kuwaitis and Saudis know not to mistreat Filipinos. Lakini bonobo thinks it’s okay for his countrymen to die because they took themuselefus there.

You can bitch, mourn, and cry about it. Or you can use your head and decide not to work there. Kwa mwarabu nyeuthi ni nyeuthi and he couldn’t care less about Kenyans who can be replaced easily with Ugandans etc. Bottomline: Morons like you decide not to use their heads, take obvious uncalculated risks, and then bitch and cry on TV after Abdul does what he has done for centuries.

FYI: Filipinos are not exempted from poor treatment and torture in the Middle East. Read widely. What you wrote is a pile of crap.

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]You follow me on this website, quoting and reading my replies almost every day like a desperate faggot. Jupe kazi shonde wewe[/SIZE]

Umeffi thread.


You’re the one who’s reasoning like a slave kijana. Hiding in Kenya all your life won’t make it better. For your information, Kenyans still get discriminated against in Kenya…what’s your solution to that issue? Should they meekly avoid all the places where they face discrimination, or should the government enforce anti-discrimination regulations? You speak like a moron because you have the benefit of choice. There are people who go to the ME after years of working their asses off in Kenya without anything to show for it.

For every one Kenyan who dies there, hundreds secure better lives. It’s all about probability. Yes, you could die, but you have higher chances of earning enough money in two years to make a positive economic impact. So those morons you see at JKIA don’t go there to die, they travel for the economic opportunities that your government has failed to offer them. Still, part of an ambassador’s duty is to ensure his citizens are not being mistreated. And these ones have failed miserably.

Right, post one link to try and prove your bonoboistic argument. Tuchambue hii link umeweka, sawa?

FIVE Filipina domestic helpers (DHs) from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have sought the help of the Philippine government in running after a retired Saudi general and his family for maltreating them while under employment, in violation of the PH-KSA agreement on the hiring of household help.

This proves my point, that the Saudis had to come to a special agreement with the Phillipines government to protect their citizens. Meanwhile, Kenyan ambassadors are munching viagra and having orgies.

They were only allowed to leave the household by batches after they threatened the general’s exposure through media channels in the Philippines. The general relented and allowed one of them or two of them to leave until all five were able to seek refuge in the embassy.

So this is a retired Saudi general, most likely a prince, and even he is afraid of getting exposed on Filipino media, because he understands the consequences. If a retired general is scared of the consequences, what about a random ghaseer Saudi? Lakini mwafrika na slave genes thinks it’s okay to be mistreated because they took themselves there looking for greener pastures. Mushienzi.

  1. I already deconstructed your bullshiett argument that Filipinos no longer get mistreated in the Middle East. They do. Read widely.
  2. Why don’t whites get mistreated in the Middle East like Africans and Asians? Because they don’t visit those countries as domestic workers (slaves). If a white person goes to the Middle East, he or she goes there to invest, work professionally, or for leisure. That’s why white people don’t get treated like slaves. They don’t take the same risks Africans and Asians take. Abdul is a professional slave driver so if you go there as a slave, don’t start bitching when he acts like a master. That’s his default setting.

They threatened the general AFTER THE FACT. So, what’s your point again?? Filipino threats don’t mean shiett to Abdul.

If Saudi’s gave two craps about that agreement, no Filipina would have been mistreated after it was signed. That article confirms that Saudis don’t give two craps about Filipinos.

I know you’re going to go back and forth on this because it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but Filipinos no longer get mistreated in the Middle East. For every rule, there’s an exception. That general thought he could get away with it because he’s powerful. He found out he couldn’t because of the noise and threats president Duterte made. In the past, those 5 filipino workers could have been murdered without any consequences. Filipinos are better off in the ME because their government takes an active role in their well being. Now dig up more articles to support your flawed argument, you fucking slave.

Because whites can stay in their countries and make money. Their economies are so advanced that they import immigrants to provide more labour. They have the luxury of choosing not to travel to the ME. Unaelewa mushienzi?

The general relented because he understood THE CONSEQUENCES, which wouldn’t have happened if president Duterte hadn’t LOUDLY campaigned for the rights of Filipino workers in the ME.

Kweli wewe ni ng’ombe tuu. Whites choose to go to the ME, just not as slaves.
Secondly, I should educate morons like you about the workings of your government. You serikali saidia types need to wake up and start using your brains. The Kenyan government has never really cared about domestic workers in the Middle East because it prioritizes diaspora remittances. The government doesn’t mind losing a few hundred morons in the Middle East if the net effect is positive monetarily. It’s upon you, as a bonobo citizen, to decide whether the risk is worth taking. You can cry Serikali Saidia until you drop dead, but unless you take action individually, nothing will happen. You are an adult, you already know that.

You’re agreeing with my point kijana. They choose to go to the ME because they have abundant economic opportunities back home. Why would a white person travel to Qatar to work as a cleaner when they can earn minimum wage flipping burgers at McDonalds? Sijui kama argument yangu inapenya hiyo meffi iko kwa kichwa yako? There are wealthier Kenyans who also choose to travel to the ME for business or leisure. If the economy was performing better, more Kenyans would go there for this reason than as cleaners, waiters, and drivers.

So why do you get so emotional when I celebrate the death of a Kenyan government official? They don’t care about Kenyans working there, so we also don’t care if they die. Simple.

Tucker tucker, let us mourn our ambassador in peace