breaking news...another bird goes down

Another light aircraft has crash landed at a school play ground in malindi…its a bad year for our bird owners

No one was injured during the accident

Someone somewhere is hiding a giant magnet.


bad news to the grimm:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

what of random bermuda triangles

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Lucky he/she didn’t call babuon otherwise he/she would be finished.


Again there was no politician aboard…, sad!

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Bad news to @Jakoyo


It looks like we forgot to pay our gravity bills.


Hii ndio inaitwa uchokozi

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insuarance company mararerera kioroo…

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Looks like bermuda triangle has migrated to kenya

@wonderful wonder every story huandamana na mbisha otherwise ni Hekaya
Flight instructor and trainee escape unscathed after crash landing at Malanga Primary School, Malindi

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ingeanguka kwa shule ya arap mashake.

This is not a coincidence. Must be a problem with the fuel quality

Most likely contaminated fuels at play. Hope those international flights fueling at JKIA are alert.