More than 30 have died in a horror crash and 18 others seriously injured after a bus collided head-on with a truck at the Migaa blackspot on the busy Nakuru-Eldoret highway, police have confirmed.

The accident happened at 2am about 3km from the scene another accident which claimed 20 lives on December 12.


Migaa na Salgaa ni Balaa :frowning:

What? This is just too much.

At least 27 dead, 17 hurt as Nairobi-bound bus belonging to Matunda bus company collides with truck at Migaa near Salgaa.

shida ya hii barabara inakuanga nini

culture, Wakavindu, I heard that Kinatwa Sacco was suspended after the fatal accident on Thika Road some two weeks ago!! Is it true?

Wat:::they know all the blackspots cant do anythin.RIP


what can “they” do? Drivers too know all the blackspots…why are they not more careful?

Very sad…that truck was perfectly on his side of the road…didn’t even have time to swerve…tragic

NTSA wamwshindwa. This road should be closed to traffic and re-desnigned/ rebuilt. Anything short of that is nonsense

There’s nothing to be done.

yep haziko kwa barabara 24th nilienda na funny mat jana nimerudi na neno sacco


Courtesy of MMNN…

age limit ya private vehicle drivers kupewa license iongezwe ikuwe 35 years

Truck hata hizaguzwa isipokuwa cabin.
The road needs to be redesigned ikuwe dual carriageway to avoid the trucks.

Hata wafanye redisign bado tu watu watapata a way to kill themselves. Shida sio barabara shida ni sisi dereva. Kama hiyo stupid blind overtaking. Just to make an extra trip.

Hii hata wapandishe bado tu. Coz truck and bus drivers ni watu wa experience but still…

so sad pole to the families

Safety belt inge saidia kidogo ku avoid ku rushwa nje… RIP