Two pedestrians have died after they were hit by a trailer barely two kilometres from Migaa, the scene where 36 people died on Sunday.

A third one was seriously injured and is being treated at the Nakuru level five hospital.

The trailer that was heading to Mombasa from Kampala crashed the three male pedestrians who were walking on the roadside after the driver lost control.

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The accident occurred 200 metres from Molo GSU camp along Nakuru-Eldoret highway.

" I am bound to Mombasa from Kampala and I had to hit them to save more lives when the steering system failed in my lorry," the driver of the ill-fated trailer said.

Molo Base commander Moses Nderitu arrived at the scene soon after it occurred.

Yesterday, thirty-six people perished in the grisly road accident at the notorious Salgaa blackspot after the bus they were travelling in collided head-on with a trailer.

Ama ni jubilee inalipa deni ya kushinda elections kwa kalumanzira


Ban on night travel seem not to have worked as anticipated.

Next is to ban day travel as well.

Last resort is to ban all media from reporting accidents.


for someone awe president na hajakuwa president lazima damu imwagike not my words if you want us to go that route


not again

Saaaait !!!

May their souls rest in peace.

Inaonekana kuna watu walimwaga damu kumzidi. They took him to school on how to shed blood. Alionyeshwa yeye ni mwanafunzi hiyo sekta.

night ban will definately work…accidents occur mostly at night

@admin please separate news and politics into different categories so we can be updated without someone bringing in tribal and political bullshittery into threads where it doesn’t belong



These drivers for public vehicles and trucks should go through something like NYS training as part of training for driving license.

What we have now are majority unskilled drug infested terrorist thugs. They continue harassing and killing on roads.

ban day travel as well

Huyo deer ni meffi. He could at least have hooted to give those niggaz a fighting chance

Will that trucks steering system be tested or is that the end of that? We don’t have to believe what the driver says, you know…

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Never seen the media so enthusiastic about deaths like last year. God!

too much for the foolish night travel ban

Na wale watu mi huwaona kwa testimony za church ati walikuwa illuminati na walikuwa wanatumwa ku cause accident kwani inakuwanga ukweli?

U r Thinking like an idiot.
People have lost their loved ones and u r here asking stupid questions.
More stupid power to You.
May they rest in eternal peace and may the Lord comfort their relatives and friends.

@Illuminatty disagrees

Ktalk should also be banned. Had this news not been posted here, we wouldn’t be discussing it.