BREAKING NEWS : Actor Michael K. Williams is dead. Sad day in hollywood. Omar Little.


Drugs are bad

[SIZE=7]‘The Wire’ actor Michael K. Williams found dead in NYC apartment[/SIZE]
Larry Celona and

Tina Moore
September 6, 2021 4:04pm
September 6, 2021 4:47pm[B]Former FBI Agent Says 9-11 Hijackers had U.S.-based support[/B]

[SIZE=7]‘The Wire’ actor Michael K. Williams found dead in NYC apartment[/SIZE]
Larry Celona and

Tina Moore
September 6, 2021 4:04pm
Updated K. Williams was found dead in his NYC apartment on Monday.FilmMagic
“The Wire’’ actor Michael K. Williams was found dead of a suspected drug overdose in his Brooklyn penthouse Monday afternoon, law-enforcement sources told The Post.
Drug paraphernalia was found in the five-time Emmy nominee’s apartment, suggesting the acclaimed 54-year-old actor may have fatally OD’d, possibly from heroin or fentanyl, sources said. outside the Brooklyn penthouse where actor Michael K. WIlliams was found dead.Jason Beeferman/NY Post at the scene. Williams died of a suspected overdose, police sources said.Jason Beeferman/NY Post
“No foul play indicated,” a police source said. “No forced entry, the apartment was in order.”
Williams was found dead by his nephew in the living room of his Kent Avenue pad in the luxury Williamsburg high-rise, sources said.
The Flatbush native — currently a 2021 Emmy Award nominee as best supporting actor for “Lovecraft Country” — was famous for his role as Omar Little in the gritty TV series “The Wire,’’ and as Chalky White in “Boardwalk Empire.’’
Williams had been open about his personal struggles with drugs through the years, including during the filming of “The Wire,” saying that getting so into the role of Little, who robs drug dealers, affected him in real life. K. Williams was hailed for playing Omar on “The Wire.”©HBO/Courtesy Everett Collectio Michael K. Williams (far right in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”HBO
The acclaimed actor told NPR in 2016 that he once stumbled into a church in New Jersey desperately seeking help for his addiction.
“When I came through those doors, I was broken. … This was, I would say, around the … third season of ‘The Wire,’ ” Williams said.
“I was on drugs. … I was in jeopardy of destroying everything I had worked so hard for, and I came in those doors, and I met a man who had never even heard of ‘The Wire,’ much less watched it,” he said, referring to the pastor. K. Williams (right) in 2015’s “The Spoils Before Dying.”IFC Films/Courtesy Everett Collection
“I wrote my full name down — Michael Kenneth Williams — and in the office, [the pastor] turns around, and he says, ‘So what do you want to be called, man?’ I said, ‘Well, you know, my name is Michael, but I could do Mike.’ He says, ‘Why does everybody say, ‘Omar, Omar’s in trouble?’ ” And I was like, ‘Oh, this dude is clueless [about the show],’ ” Williams said.
Additional reporting by Joe Marino

Very bad. Quite unfortunate. One of the best actors of his generation.

There are rumours that it could also be the vaccine.

Two legends went the same way.


RIP Omar !

Too bad remember him in sticky fingaz film a day in life

What the heck…Omar Little gone,RIP

I read katt Williams for some reason

Waaah, musito @chalky white ametuwacha banae. He left a mark for sure. RIP.

My other handle, this sad news has forced me out of retirement. Outstanding actor.

This is one of my favourite scenes in all of Boardwalk Empire. He wasn’t building no bookcase!

Rip Omar Little.

MGTOW for life are eerily quiet about this. I guess a life of unbridled hedonism ends in tragedy and God and family (own or of origin) helps keep you grounded. I wish I could say RIP but I will say may God have mercy on his soul. Nothing can fill the God shaped in the heart of anyone. Not drugs, money, women etc. Nothing. Nobody had more than Solomon had and he acknowledged that the whole purpose of man is to worship GOD. From someone who had 1000 women and every imaginable indulgence, it’s safe to say that at the end of his life, he knew alot that we will never understand. But hey keep riding the carousel, the drug, alcohol, women, fast cars etc it’s just a matter of time before you hit the proverbial wall, it’s not only undefeated, it’s ETERNAL.

Bcc @mimihumwagandani

Who the hell was he? Sijawai sikia huyo jamaa.

Sad. First saw him as Irish in BF4.

We unajua tu sabina joy:D


Thought talkers are homophobic but they liked “The Wire”

Yaahh and you just reminded me of Paulie in the first video.Another best of the best.He killled it in the Soprano