BREAKING NEWS: 11 Kenyatta University Students DEAD In Grisly Accident

Several Kenyatta University students are feared dead in a grisly road accident involving their school bus and a trailer.

Preliminary information indicates that the school bus was carrying public health students heading to Mombasa for an academic trip.

The accident is said to have occured in Maungu, Voi, in Taita Taveta county, along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway.

Pictures seen by the Star show the school bus was hit on the left side.

I wonder why people are posting gory scenes from the accident on social media without censoring bodies.

Murkomen has completely failed kazi ni kutoa meno refu njee akichukua bribes za corrupt contractors


May they rest in peace and quick recovery to the survivors.


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… Star show the school bus was hit on the left side.


Side collision? How?

Left side hit occurs on T, Y or + Junctions when one driver refuses to yield


Sad news mazeh, may their souls rest in peace.

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Meaning the kadere hakuwa na control.

No offence ile theory ya accident survival haingework

That guy should die like yesterday for believing rough roads are the way to go. Fucck this administration



We have no government here, just a collection of clueless thieves.


Hio barabara ingekuwa tu sawa bila lami kama wangekuwa keen kumwaga mawe, then murram, na ikanyagwe regularly. The driver of that V8 also has porridge for brains–he was in a hurry at the wrong place. See the marks? A 4WD has no business ending up stuck in such mud.


According to police, the university bus travelling towards Mombasa was overtaking a fleet of vehicles and, due to heavy rain, the bus skidded to the right of the road and an oncoming truck avoided a head-on collision and rammed into the left side of the bus.

Condolences to the bereaved and quick recovery to those injured.
Hope this won’t be used to witch-hunt truckers coz clearly sounds like the bus driver was at fault!

Niliona picha za hiyo accident Telegram nikastuka. Bodies on the tarmac, some hanging and mangled frpm the windows.


Not to demean the dead and condolences to the bereaved too, but when a city driver takes his city “skills” mashinani …

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Just so you know, parastatals and most government bodies hire some of the most competent drivers out here.


and how is that done or ensured???

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They are nys trained drivers


Channel Gani? Ile channel ilikuwa inaleta every thing trending called mimi sipendi ujinga nikama admin alipata hustle ingine akaachana nayo. its dead.

Elders, leteni channels mnajua huwa zinapost vitu trending telegram. Za ngwati na betting tu ndio zimejaa

Have you seen how GK drivers behave on our roads?