Meanwhile on that bridge connecting A/River-Kitengela

Alternative routes: through Kangundo to Nairobi, or through Machakos > Mwala > Kithimani > Thika.

SGR freight services is starting to become busy. The frequent accidents and now flooding on the Nairobi-Mombasa highway is drawing business their way.

The news of Mau and forests have completely submerged and suffocated under water.

The fact is we keep leap-frog from one disaster to another…

What’s next after floods??

si tuchukue ka yurobond kengine ju ya hii flooding?

Few months on: Si tuchukue ka eurobond kengine ju ya hii drought?

[SIZE=1](iam not a master of this, undoubtedly @Nefertities angeitoa vipoa)[/SIZE]

Water, water everywhere and soon their will be none.

Mutua hawezi kubali actros ipitie Mwala-Kithimani

you should have added ~adapted from the song of the ancient mariner…

More sun and unbearable hot spells like we had in February.

Water rationing and Maasai herders losing their entire cattle to the drought. In other words, nothing new

Green Park Estate in Athi River.

Jesus, was a lose. That is a beautiful gated community that was well done.

And all these in a country full of jobless engineers, planners and supposedly a highly educated new generation of forward thinking people.
Mimi hushangaa kitu moja Tu, what do people learn from the education they get out of Kenya’s educational institutions?
And do they actually learn anything at all?

Ngoja sasa nimetii hapa niambiwe it’s a Natural disaster and siku yako ikifika imefika …nyof nyof nyof…

I am not trained in architecture,survey or planning But I have been to Greenspan estate and out of curiosity I mentioned it to a friend I was with that something didn’t look right about the low lying almost submerged area next to a seasonal river.

Anyway, what do I care?..

Na ndivyo hio estate hukaa poa, bila floods there is no saying where the flood plain is

shida ya kunyakua riparian land na kuuzia unwitting buyers ma plot…

now, floods like these are how deserts are made kwa wale mnalia eti a few acres of cypress were harvested…

Thank you good sir. Then you hear people blubbering about drainage…
Of note too is that Nairobi is way too flat…am reminded of Nanyuki

You leave a nice warm house in the morning and in the evening you have no home to go to.

Why not tone down all this moaning and bitching? Flooding occurs in every corner of the world, including in the middle of deserts! It’s called ‘Mother Nature’ and the bitch don’ play. Just ask Houston.