BREAKING: Miti Kuteleza..............Jehova Wanyonyi

I maintain that NASArites are walking blindly into a Jubilee trap.


No it’s not, but when someone has already crowed how it will be difficult to remove them from power (in full knowledge they cannot win any election cleanly), and gone ahead to outfit the police to handle rioters instead of outfitting them to deal with and survive IEDs, that already shows what has been planned.

And that is how the country will burn down simply because some people have to rig themselves into power and to hold on to it.

tupige kura 8/8 alafu turudi nyumbani kwa mapenzi.

2013 was a free, fair and credible election, so will 8/8 hold your peace!

They cannot win clean sababu nyinyi pekee ndio mko na kura? Our votes carry the same weight as yours if you guys can’t mobilize guys to register as voters and come out to vote hio Ni shida yenu, better luck next time 2022 pia kutakua na elections

Hehehehe, closet tumbilidiot amejitokeza. Sorry, this time hakuna wizi wa kura. Channia express to ichaweri ishatengenezwa.

unasema wewe…i wish we had provision for early voting, cant wait for 8th to come and go

Its very hard to hate President Uhuru
Kenya’s Bronze, Silver and Gold medallist… @UKenyatta #magicalkenya #wu18nairobi2017
President Uhuru receiving our hero’s of the recently concluded IAAF under 18 IAAF World Championship.

Let me analyse your comment that the country ‘will burn’. First, the whole of RV, Central, Eastern and North Eastern won’t have any chaos. That’s like 3/4 of Kenya’s landmass.

In Western there might be a few demos but watu wa mulembe are by nature people of peace. That leaves Nairobi, Nyanza and the Coast.

Kisiis are always too busy trying to make a honest/dishonest buck they never give a damn. That leaves Luo Nyanza on its own. At the coast, the laid back people of Pwani never cause any harm except in the cities. So, yes there will be some troubles in Mombasa and a few other towns. nd then of c ourse there are the slums of Nairobi.

So, in sum, the only areas we can expect any sort of troubles are the coastal towns, the slums of Nairobi and Luo Nyanza.

To say that the country will burn just shows how deluded you are.

Haiya you’ve already jumped to all sorts of delusions occasioned by feelings and forget my statement relies on one condition which may not happen, that tumbilee will rig. (Who am I kidding? Of course tumbilee will rig)

Did you even stop to consider that when Raila wins, after you’ve been fed all the bullshit of 70%+1, hawawezi kututoa serikali now that we have power and other bullshit you are fed on kameme that it is tumbilidiots who will rise up to say Raila rigged the elections?

Think before letting your emotions get the better of you. Don’t be like the other tumbilidiots.

Lakini uhuru anapendwa na watu wote, coz ata wafu wanampenda kiasi kwamba wanampigia kura. He’s a likeable guy.

How will they do it?

  1. Attack the electronic system, use the manual backup line up the dead voters.

  2. Ballot stuffing to correspond with the dead voters.

These people are dangerous then. Will NASA use the same techniques?

No, they don’t have government machinery and the police to back them up.

No we as NASA are always clean even with a voter turnout of 104% Sisi ni Safi kama pamba

Did u read Kriegler’s report? Nyanza and Central are going to rig this thing again.

I pray and hope tutakuwa hapa on 7th,8th,9th and 10th of August tukianalyse voting patterns and results.
And please be ready to eat humble pie