BREAKING: Miti Kuteleza..............Jehova Wanyonyi

Court OKs manual backup to electronic voter vetting system.

Dismisses Nasa suit.

Nasa to appeal.

Sasa tutapiga hata wale walikufa January 1980. Kura za Ntimama na Nkaissery na two million others kwa Uhuru haziwezi potea!

RWNEBP - 17 days to the forced retirement of all opposition leaders

Hata my grannie who died in 70s

The few remaining days will be really interesting. Politics are murky

this back and forth in the courts about IEBC this and IEBC that is turning into a circus

cant wait for the 8th to come and go

Wueh, semeni tumbilee kupewa freedom ya kurig.

Is rigging exclusive to Jubilee?

On the afternoon of the 7th August, I’ll be heading to Gilgil to cast my vote for PRESIDENT ONLY. And I know I’ll be one of many who’ll vote that way. #RWNEBP!

Of course

That light you were seeing at the end of of the tunnel ni oncoming train ya SGR.

Tutawafira mfirike.

In other news
[SIZE=6]Lempurkel says whites will be forced out of Laikipia if Raila wins poll[/SIZE]
Laikipia North MP Mathew Lempurkel claims all whites will be driven out of Kenya should NASA flag bearer Raila win the August 8 general election. In remarks

Vitu zingine ata Ni upus, you install new commissioners 6 months to an election and demand they do a million and one things, we made this bed watu waingie wadinyane, wakulala walale.

Hakiwezi shinda

5 million NASA votes lost coz of this.

He he…some festering wounds can’t be hidden for long. The stench will out.

Jubilee celebrating too early…mtajua hamjui

And it goes on…


Kama ni Kuria angesema hivyo ongeona vile media inge-foam in the mouh calling for his neck.

Lakini as long as it is supporter wa Babuon the Loser…

Kwani we ni mzungu?
Meanwhile preach peace everywhere

Unfucking believable