BREAKING : KKK White Supremacist drives through black crowd in Wisconsin.

Is what CNN is waiting to announce. Cc @Ndindu , @BantuSupremacy , @LuandaMagere

Gory video of the attack :


Biden inferred that the suspect is white. He was itching to blame wypipo.

This was going to be another George Floyd moment. Blacks were ready to attack wypipo and burn and loot.

CNN, AP News have started killing the story when this came out :


This would’ve been the mother of all riots heading into the primaries. Antifa had already started declaring vayolens.





Mtakula ujeuri wenu. This is a REVENGE attack for acquitting Terrorist Kyle.


Mtamea akili. Hiyo video ni tamu sana.

Blackman can’t get justice through the courts he has to find Juscice himuselufu on the streets. For George Floyed and a billion other negroes unjustly targetted by RACIST US Justice system. Horus bless this man

:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I have a feeling that that’s how CNN will respin this. Enyewe nyinyi ni wakora kabisa.

From KKK wypipo to black innocent man who was simply bitter.




You two should just get a room.

Morning @Old Monk .

Cnn ishatetea jamaa ati alikua anatoroka knife fight ole wake yeye ndio anaenda kua sacrificial lamb watu wasahau story ya kyle.

If Kyle was driving the car Right Wing Maggots would have claimed it was self defense. They would have claimed that the children were trying to hit his car with skateboards

Twitter has pulled down the video because the criminal is black and the incident doesn’t fit in with their desired propaganda.

A white hispanic.

Twitter user @jack should be made to face the guillotine for his blatant propaganda and peddling of fake news on the Noah Glass made app