BREAKING KEWS: China Reports Its First Death Of A HUMAN From Rare Monkey B Virus!

A man in China has died after contracting a rare infectious disease from primates, known as the Monkey B virus, Chinese health officials revealed in a report Saturday. The victim, a 53-year-old veterinarian based in Beijing, was the first documented human case of the virus in China.

According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the man worked in a research institute that specialized in nonhuman primate breeding and dissected two dead monkeys in March. He experienced nausea, vomiting and fever a month later, and died May 27. His blood and saliva samples were sent to the center in April, where researchers found evidence of the Monkey B virus. Two of his close contacts, a male doctor and a female nurse, tested negative for the virus, officials said.


The Monkey B virus, or herpes B virus, is prevalent among macaque monkeys, but extremely rare - and often deadly - when it spreads to humans. In humans, it tends to attack the central nervous system and cause inflammation to the brain, leading to a loss of consciousness, said Kentaro Iwata, an infectious disease expert at Kobe University in Tokyo. If untreated, there’s about an 80 percent fatality rate.

There have been fewer than a hundred reported human infections of herpes B since the first case of primate-to-human transmission in 1932, many of them in North America, where scientists tend to be more aware of the disease, Iwata said. There are likely to be cases of the virus that have gone undetected, but experts still widely believe that it is an extremely rare condition among humans.

I never believe what comes from Beijing.

So it’s treatable but the vet just refused to take his Meds?

Beware the yellow peril. CCCP ina vako mingi sana

Perhaps, that is one of the brightest examples of sensationalism.
I haven’t encountered such news on medical media, so I really doubt that this has any connection to the reality or it is as serious as it is claimed to be here. There are so many infections in wild nature not only among primates but also among other different species, but not all of them can be transmitted to human-beings. Even if we treat these news as ultimate truth, there can be so many different reasons for that scientist to catch and die of this desease. We don’t really know why he got this desease: he spent so much time with the monkeys that he had plenty of opportunities of being infected.
I don’t really think that there is something that we should afraid of, first of all, we need to cope with coronavirus pandemics and after it search for some other illnesses among different species.