Breaking: Kenyans freed at last

FOUR Kenyans jailed in South Sudan since 2015 expected back home today after President Kenyatta held talks with Kiir.


Kiir alikuwa anadai nini? Kusamehewa deni?

Finally, i know the family of one of them bana, ile stress ilikuwa inawakula. Some good news


Kila mtu akule kwao.

afande niaje

Enyewe walikua wamelia

Thank you Mr. President.
Protect all Kenyans

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What does Kiir get in return? Support from GOK in the next SS elections

Wahhh that is good news



why did it take so long?

what a turn of events!!

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@meriamata ni wale drivers wa trailers???

We are hosting thousands of his refugies !

He wants to maintain a warm, tension free relationship with Nairobi.

Upussy…will they stand trial when brought back to this country!!!

So they’re not prisoners

They were communication engineering ‘thugs’

Last time walikua wame wachiliwa only for them to be arrested again

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