BREAKING: Kenya warns Houthis against its illegal and reckless attacks, promises stern actions

Kenya refuses to stand by and watch Houthis harass God’s Chosen People :pray:. @hakimoto @rexxsimba

Next , You will hear Nabii Zakayo is sending 3 Kenya Navy Ships and 1000 Navy Commandos to join Coalition Red Sea Patrols…

Who wants to bet …??? :joy: :rofl:


They can’t even beat pokots


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Ghasia takataka government

Ruto is the new blue eyed boy of the West in Africa :smile:what do you expect? He has no choice but always please his masters.

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It wont end well.


Kenya iko na navy ships ngapi


Pokot ni internal security na sio kazi ya defense!

The Kenya Navy fleet is organized into two fighting squadrons and a logistical support squadron.

  • 66 Squadron
  • 76 Squadron
  • 86 Squadron

All are supported by :-

  • a Special Operations Squadron
  • the Fleet Maintenance Unit
  • the elite Marine Ranger Regiment.


KNS Jasiri - P3124
Built as a Jasiri Class oceanographic survey vessel at a cost of KES: 4.1 Billion.
The tender to build it was awarded irregularly , as part of the Anglo-Leasing Scandal.
Military analysts say a similar vessel could have been built for KES: 1.8 Billion.
It was later fitted with armament at the Navy’s Mkunguni dockyard.
It was commissioned into the Navy on 29 August 2012.
It currently is the largest vessel in the Kenya Navy fleet.
It is 85 meters long, displaces 1400 tonnes, and has a maximum crew of 81.

KNS Harambee - P3134
Former French P400 class patrol vessel.
Donated by France for anti-piracy patrols.

KNS Shujaa - P3129
KNS Shupavu - P3130
Both entered Service in 1997,
Armed with a 76mm and a 30mm guns.

KNS Nyayo - P3126
KNS Umoja - P3127
Built by Vosper Thornycroft, these are similar to the Omani Province class, and were delivered in 1987
Armed with 4 Otomat SSM , 1 x 76mm OTO DP , 1 x dual 30 mm AA , 2x 20mm Machine Guns
From March 2009 to July 2011 , these ships underwent an extensive refit at Fincantieri shipyard in northern Italy , during which their surface-to-surface missile (SSM) systems were removed , drastically reducing the vessels to an OPV configuration.
The Ships are 57 meters long , displace 450 tonnes and have a crew of 45.

KNS Mamba - P3100
Delivered in 1976) and built by Brooke Marine] - UK.
KNS Mamba has a non-functioning missile system and is currently used as an OPV.
It was formerly armed with 4x Israeli Gabriel SSM , 1x dual 30mm AA.


Daktari these are Prehistoric Vessels… Floating Museums Masquerading as battleships… ile vituko niliona day ya Mashujaa Day in Mombasa wacha tu.


I feel You …
Blame it on the Anglo Leasing Scandal

Imagine …
Buying a KES : 1.8 Billion Missile Attack Cruiser for KES: 4.1 Billion then upon delivery you find the Missile Systems are not working …???

Someone should face a Firing Squad:rage: :rage: :fire: :fire:


Antiquated relics

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But nevertheless able to deal with Al Shabaab Pirate Fishing Boats and Houthi Attack Speed Boats … :joy: :blush: