BREAKING: Kenya to host 2000 Afghani refugees. 500 to arrive today.

I mean Uganda wasito. Wangapi wanachukua Modern Coast kwenda Kampala waende kuosha rungu kwa those Persian beauties. :D:D:D.


This is very bad

Na Kenya tunahost wangapi? Juu najua Kenya hua among the countries hosting the most refugees in the world.

The brain drain will be felt for years in Afghanistan. They will also sanction them to hell once they evacuate their personnel. The evil empire haikubali imeshindwa. Sore losers

This is a way of establishing more refugee camps in Africa. You try seeking asylum in the west you are quickly transferred to these camps. Mambo kwisha.

Why UG and not those North Africa Arab countries?

allowance ya kupokea refugee na kuhost 3 years ni tamu banae

I’d suspect it is the US paying and they did the maths on cost of hosting a refugee in Uganda vs say Egypt. Plus you take refugees to Morrocco or Algeria, how long will it be before they try to cross to southern Europe?

Why not take the refugees to pakistan which is next door?

Exactly, Taliban might be in the mix and they would travel to Somalia to join Alshabaab and decide to cause terror and havoc in Kenya and East Africa at large.

Could be because Pakistan is ranked among the least peaceful countries in the world (150/163 on the Global Peace Index) while Uganda is ranked higher than the USA.

You should now understand why M7 political theatrics go unpunished by the west. He kisses their ass proper and also allowing loot from Congo shipped via Entebbe. There will also be millions of dollars given to M7 to facilitate hosting of the refugees.

The biggest problem with being an “asset” (which is what the C.I.A. call cooperating fools) is that assets are disposable when their maintenance becomes expensive.

Apart from the terrorist treat, Afghans have the highest rate of Leishmaniasis, aka leprosy in the world!! They need to be screened thoroughly before being allowed to spread this highly contagious, disfiguring disease.

Mali safi inakuja…nitabeba bale mzima if this is what’s at stake

Danish govt and EU are soon opening a refugee camp in Rwanda where assylum seekers who have crossed the Meditteranean will be transfered as documents are processed.

There are no women among the refugees. Only the men ran away.

They said black lives matter but they don’t want to take in brown refugees.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

So they dump them in a small African country. Watu wa Biden I hope you are watching closely. I hope you are learning about who you are dealing with.

America na vile ni nchi kubwa… Uganda na vile ni kadogo…

why not take them to America???