BREAKING: Kenya strikes back, reclaims it's rightful position.

Enyewe hapa nayo ayam happy kidogo kuona fellow bonobos wakiinua jina ya nchi juu.:D:D


Nilikua pia nimejam hao ma ghassia wanapeana excuse za maffi ati sjui nlikua naumwa na mgongo, ooh sjui meno etc na tumetumia ma millioni kuwapeleka uko. They deserve more medals na hatutaki maffi apa.

Uganda wametuzoea. They are stealing our kipchoges and keinos

Wewe na nani? Speak for yourself Angwenyi.



Hii Olympics imejaa minung’uniko from “elite athletes”, ekpeshare from Team USA. Kama huyo Simone Biles nashindwa alipeleka mattercore Tokyo kwa nini kama kazi yake ni ku-opt out of events?

Let’s stop chest thumping when we know deep down that we have failed in Tokyo 2020. Losing the steeplechase after 41 years (9 Olympics) is glaring evidence of that. That was our Gold “by default” and honestly, I’m kinda glad it has exposed the corruption, complacency and tactical ineptness of NOCK and Athletics Kenya. How do you replace Conseslus (who didn’t qualify and obviously had own serious issues outside the track) with 20yo rookies? Was that the Plan B?

That table is bound to change by Sunday. There are couple of middle distance races remaining and Ethiopia are the favourites there. The only race where we have a strong contention is Kipchoge’s marathon on Sunday. After that, let the Kenyan delegation pack it’s bags ASAP, warudi nyumbani and the Govt promptly disbands and restructures NOCK. Is it true that we sent 87 athletes but 90 officials? What was the rationale? What was the outcome of the Rio Olympics Scandal Report? Athletics Kenya also needs a shake up. Corruption, tribalism, nepotism, tactical ineptness etc.

In football, it took Italy the calamity of not making it to the last World Cup, for it to shake up its football federation. They started afresh, overhauled EVERYTHING and now they are European Champions and about to break the record for the longest winning streak in international football. Kenya needs the same shake up in Athletics, otherwise we are soon to be has-beens!

When I look a the races that Kenya dominated in the past, it is very evident that the rest of the world has caught up with Kenya. Modern training facilities and techniques have closed the gap Kenya had an edge. We can still win but dedication to succeed has to be flawless.
800m, 1500m,3k, 5k, 10k. Watch the winners of those races and compare against past Kenyan champs. Kenyan champs would struggle to beat today’s winners.
Even Obiri said she could never match Hassan’s closing speed. They will go at each other, but I’m sure she’ll change her approach.

And as always in sports, you can’t fix problems on the day of the event. If we are not performing to par, problems could not be solved by NOCK and at least not at Olympic month.

Embarambamba umewahi kimbia kwa competition ama ni mdomo tuu unajua kurusha like the keyboard warrior you are.

Still not good enough.

Umbwa hii nilikimbia 200M hadi Provincials kabla kiibiwe.
Saii i can do 400M comfortably na huu uzee na kijiji yenyu yote hiwezi tosha mboga

Nakumbuka hiyo na badala ya glucose uliitisha mandizi


useless athletes wametuangusha we expected more gold

Hizo za Nigeria ni nini?

2 silver 3 bronze

Kenya still leads though in the number of medals