They knew how to run but not how to hide. Jaluo na Balunya wacheni hii radicalization

On transit to the north?
60 mirrions zitatoka aje na watafungwa na Kinoti?

Sure, they must have been on their way. It must have been so long they lost touch with their handlers and didn’t know how to make contact to HQ. Hizi nyang’au ziliua watoto wengi sana, they should be tortured thoroughly

Katikati anakaa alshabaab

What’s the story behind …what was their crime …link ?


The center one was convicted for being part of the group that attacked and killed students at garissa uni.


Among other things, Garissa University attack, attempted attack on parliament etc

Wakamba wa kitui wapewe hio 60 million au wafanye mambo yao.

Hii bukusu who lied to him he can be an arab with that big ass broad nose

There is no way these chokosh could afford to bribe their way out of Kamiti Maximum Prison.

My theory is, somebody released them so that a few people could be fired. How convenient that after the new Prison boss has been sworn in, they’re magically discovered in Kitui.


Something is missing here.

a more believable theory would involve mwenye amekula hiyo 60 million if at all imeshakuliwa

He’s been brainwashed by Arab imperialist Islamic extremism.


Alshabaab hukaa aje:D:D

After watching numerous documentaries on youtube about prison escape one thing is clear…an aspiring escapee must have a really really really good plan after the escape. In you post escape plan you must have an almost minute by minute survival plan from how you get away from the prison neighbourhood, where you get food and supplies, which potential routes you take, how you blend in with the community, where you get your money,etc.

Most importantly you must be physically fit before you escape. Part of your immediate post escape plan should be where you rest and sleep after the actual escape.

Last but not least never ever go either home, or to your close friends. Never even go to a town/city you are familiar with. Ukipotea Kamiti na kwenu ni Busia you should go to Embu and spend the first 2 weeks holed up huko.

Lastly never ever go to your girlfriend/wife/lover or any female ati kutulia huko. Even if she helped you escape you should escape from her as soon as she is done playing her role in your escape.;list=PLbAZEIdIXfpklDIm--OkHUZTDJ_N9Vj3F

Did they had to move as a unit? Rookie mistakes

It will take several months to receive that money. Na he will be given stories. Chances are it will be shared between 10-15 people.

All these guyz wanted to reach somali, by any means

Looks like they were given a few slaps before the photos.