breaking: Joe Nyagah dead

Joe Nyagah, a former Minister in the grand coalition government and a presidential candidate in the 2017 elections has died.

alale pema



He was an ODM Pentagon Member in 2007 when his people were being killed coz of 41 vs 1 ODM strategy and he did or said nothing. Traitor.


Leo ni kubaya

This guy mastered the art of riding coattails, brought nothing literally to the table. may he find his way to Valhalla.

Jameni, siungoje hata kaburi ichimbwe!

Nyaga is said to have died while receiving treatment on Friday at the Nairobi Hospital.

His family who confirmed the death said he died from Covid-19.

Blame Covid for any deaths now - even for those dying from curses of the Kenyans they have shafted for years.

How this team failed to ascend to power is something that will always puzzle me, especially after the now senile ODM leader took a lead by over 1M votes

Sande sana COVID. Malisaa ghassia :cool:

Most politicians in kenya huwa hivyo. Mtu kama Balala ni useless sana but he’s managed to eat well.

Next ni mama yako. Be careful of what you wish unto others son.

who is he?

His father raped this country public coffers bila lube.

Politicians and retired politicians wanasonga kusonga. The ones who are still alive must be wondering who is next

Damn Ruto was a fatass back in the day

Kenyans die everyday , it’s only that they’re nobodies that’s why we never hear of them, but each week in kenya a family is in mourning.

Prisca Chemutai alikuwa anampakulia hizo time on top of chenye wife pia alikuwa anampea, unaweza kosa kunono kweli?