BREAKING!... James reported Missing...

Col. James Braddock aka Chuck Norris Missing in action.

Now that I have your attention, naomba mpatie Miguna Miguna Kura and let’s transform Nairobi back to being the City in the sun.


Ungui biu!

…or the city in the slum. That is

Wewe jishugulishe na sadiq khan, sonko all the way

Nairobi is soo filthy my fren. Hakuna kazi kidero amefanya…

Ata running mate ashamtoka , sisi ni akina nani tupigie yeye kura?

Yenyewe Miguma hana bahati.


Miguna hapo kasarani…na crowd yake

And Sonko won’t do anything either. First of all, he wouldn’t know where to start and secondly, he was Senator while Nairobi deteriorated into a rubbish tip.
Alikuwa anafanya nini?
Miguna has the details of how he is going to get the job done in his manifesto but I know Kenyans don’t read manifestos.
Nairobi ni chafu mpaka panya zinawasengenya!

Naambia watu wa Nairobi.
Wewe ingia basi upeleke Kura yako reserve.

:D:D Not only uchafu but I saw several street families which had been sorted by the last govt. Nairobi CBD is filthy, chaotic, congested ata multinational companies are leaving for Upper Hill and Westlands.

Sisi watu wa eastlando ndio tunajua what sonko has done for us with his limited resources. Now its time we elevated him to a more resourceful position and see what he can achieve.
Miguna can vie for an MCA ndio aonyeshe nairobians what he can achieve for them. Ni hayo tu.

I voted for Kidero in 2013 and really regret wasting my vote on that thieving thug. Nairobi imerudi nyuma 15 years to the last days of Moi before Narc came in and Karisa Maitha was appointed Local Government minister.

Miguna doesn’t even have a running mate lol .I want pk even though he is no longer cute .All I want is the city to get clean again hadi Westy is dirty .

residents ndio wanachafua town. just look at how they discard trash on the streets.

Too true, the residents are a big part of the problem but it’s not easy disposal of rubbish in a city where litter boxes don’t exist and where there are a few, they are too full.
It starts from the top.

the problem with we Kenyans is the don’t care attitude. We will litter anyhowly because, kuna mtu atakuja kuokota hiyo taka. We don’t take it as a personal responsibility to keep our surroundings clear of litter. In another thread someone proposed hefty fines for littering.

Stop wasting your time. These Kenyans will never learn. Let them usher in mafias and incompetence than someone who can deliver. Kwanza kidero ni takataka tu. Sonko is a crook, someone doesn’t change overnight. As I said my vote will be Baba,and migunax2.Rest is garbage ya kidero