BREAKING: ICJ rejects South Africa's nonsense, insists Hamas must be dismantled

@rexxsimba @hakimoto

South Africa should use up its time , excess energy and enthusiasim addressing its own pressing issues …

  • Endemic Corruption
  • Xenophobia
  • Urban Crime Wave
  • Gender Violence
  • Power aqnd Energy Shortages
  • Declining Economy.

It reminds one of our own “Vasco Danganya” trying to send Kenyan Cops to Haiti for a “Peacekeeping Mission” while Bandits , Thugs and assorted criminals are running riot all over the Country …

Shenzi Kabisa


It’s controlled by Zionist swines to deal with their enemies

What if the ruling went the other way? Where SA would have been granted your wishes?

We knew it won’t , those swines control everything including America and all financial institutions, their agenda is the right thing. Their blueprint protocols of elders of Zion deciphered by russians many years ago is like prophecy of the financial problems countries are facing today because of external debts . Inshort 3rd Reich walikua right kumaliza hizi mbwaaaaaa

Good for them. Now let them slice that cake and eat it up.