Breaking: Evans Gicheru is dead

Former Chief Justice Evans Gicheru dies at 79. This is the ghasia who almost plunged kenya into the doldrums by swearing in Kibaki in the thick of the night.

Aende akiendaga!

Ghasia wewe! He lived a full life. Everyone will eventually die whether you were good or bad. May his soul rest in peace

He never lived a full life. His days after the Christmas of 2007 were dull and full of sorrow. At one point he became mad, haunted by the ghosts of post election violence victims. He will not go beyond St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.


Wewe ni ghasia sana if u cannot comprehend the mess this guy created by swearing in kibaki at night

Did he tell you so?

Ghasia. It had to be done. No way the ODM could be allowed to ascend to power

The acrobat had alzheimers in his final days

So many other people have Alzheimer’s

Uyu Mzee alipotelea kichakani akichapa lap in one of mount kenya lodges. I thought nyangau zilimeza yeye kumbe ako hai!

He had brain atrophy and just like @ChifuMbitika alikua ameanza kutumia matako kufikiria in his final days

You are a stupid faggot. Let’s see whether you will live to the same old age as him. Continue with your self-righteous attitude.

All those that are alive are candidates for death.

Tis a good time to ask the question, what would have happened to the agikuyu if ODM had ascended to power?

Given the Kalenjin and really every other community was prepared to flush them out and take over their lands and property?

Imagine majimboism, how was that going to be executed?

Your kinsman thief from sugoi will not go past the gates of gold because of the massacre he did In kiambaa church. He will see our true colours pale kwa Debe. He will know he knows nothing.:D:D:D

I will for sure live longer than you because i have not relegated my thinking acumen to my backside

mwizi wa sugoi is not power hungry. if defeated he will go to UoN to teach. Lakini kama wakenya watampigia kura…msijaribu kuiba, no Chief Justice is ready to be used as a human boot wiper like Evans Gicheru,

Cain was cursed with a long life full of sorrow.

He destroyed his reputation by rubber-stamping an illegality. But all the leaders will pretend he did not do what he did because they are all just like him.

You are an imbecile. Respect the elders.

RIP mzee Gisherû