BREAKING: Donald Trump arrested.

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The twice-impeached Trump would be the first commander-in-chief in American history to be criminally indicted, should the jury vote to move toward a trial.
If the jury has voted to indict, the developments may have significant implications for the 2024 presidential election. The 76-year-old Trump has insisted he would continue to seek the Republican nomination even if the grand jury voted to indict.
Legally, an indictment would not block him from running.
Trump’s team had no immediate comment on the news of the indictment Thursday.
Trump has previously told supporters he anticipated his own arrest, and urged loyalists to “protest, protest, protest!” New York City security plans have been underway accordingly. But that arrest has not yet happened.
His message seemed designed to preempt a formal announcement from prosecutors and to galvanize outrage from his base of supporters in advance of widely anticipated charges. A later post used stronger phrasing.
It all evoked, in foreboding ways, the rhetoric he used shortly before the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Biden ako na upus kama ya hasla na jagathi. Bure kabisa. Heshimu msito Trump.

Nothing “msito” about that idiot …
Trump is about to face the music…:D:D

Biden? I’d advise you to educate yourself a little bit about the US judicial system. This is just a minor part of the legal issues that Dumb is facing.

:smiley: kaende

Globalist soros’ puppets

A ton of sh*it is about to land on Trump …

  • Illegal payoffs to a prostitute with Campaign Funds , then lying about it .

  • Organizing and participating in the January 6th Insurrection at the Capital .

  • Attempted interference of the Election and Certification process ( …which he lost , by the way …)

  • Federal Income Tax evasion ( …he paid only USD: 750 to the IRS over the last 10 years …)

  • Illegal stock and financial impropriety in the Trump Empire business.

  • Failure to pay loans owed to major banks and credit institutions.

And all these sh*it storms are happening concurrently…

Get your drink and popcorn ready … :D:D:D

The far-left extremists are at it, again.

The usual cry of the Far Right Racist White Christian MAGA Minority …

The USA is a melting pot of 328 million mixed race Citizens from ALL Continents of this planet …

It is NOT the personal preserve of the 20 million Donald Trump Extremist Far Right White MAGA Minority Base …

Bure Kabisa …

This time after Trump gets in office he should start revenge on the democrats and globalists from day one. No mercy for all these witch hunts.

And completely dismantle the globalist leftist cabal trying to control the whole world

The only place Trump is going is to Federal Court to account for years of impunity… :D:D

Hatuna shida. We just want to uphold the traditional values. If you read Hegel well, you will realise why social stability is crucial.

These witch hunts started 6 years ago and have led nowhere. In fact we are tired now, we want to see some action while they still have power. We want them to arrest Trump in front of the cameras. It will be a magnificent beginning of the end of these incompetent leftists and their globalist handlers

“We” is you and who else …???
The 20 million extremist MAGA base …???

Trump has been stone-walling with his army of lawyers since before he was President …

The chickens have come home to roost …
He is at the end of the line …
Good men died and were injured during the January 6th Insurrection at the Capital …

Justice will not only be done …
It will be seen to be done … :D:D:D

The MAGA movement is immense. In fact leftists are moving over after suffering blunder after blunder by sleepy Joe and the deep state. And no, there’ll be no stealing of votes this time around. It worked once, won’t work again.

We need a glorious image to spark the revolution. Trump in handcuffs beamed to the whole world. They want to own us, but he stood in their way

Vile tumengoja mugshot ya hii jambazi

USA stands for the United States of America…

The Trump MAGA zealots are just a noisy fanatical base of 20 million or so really backward , ignorant and misguided white racists …

And some of them are really mentally delusional…

Let’s see what happens in 2024 … :D:D:D

No law can jail a billionaire