Breaking: David Ndii arrested in South Coast

Nduru kutoka pwani zasema kuwa David Ndii wa mrengo wa NRM amekamatwa na maafisa wa kitengo cha “Frying Squad” pale Diani akifanya bikini inspection na VC @Meria Mata.

Vile VC aliweza kukwepa mtego wa polisi haijulikani kwa sasa.

also reported on NTV.

That ferker deserves the hung man’s noose.

Afinywe makende kabisa. Ukitishia serikali maisha, what do you expect? :slight_smile:


Mungix wacheni mauchungu

What did he do? And the cheering squad up here, remember the same can easily happen to you.

The guy has the opposite of the midas touch. Everything he touches turns to shit. I would think then it would be better if he were left to his own devices and let whatever he has been arrested for crumble spectacularly.

expect Raila to fly to Diani any time soon to free him the way he “freed” Wanjigi

what is the basis of his arrest? tuned pale NTV nikapata a market of mad pple…is that a debate???

Next in line should be Miguna Miguna. Huyo hata asifinywe makende coz he already doesn’t have any. Apelekwe undisclosed location na asipewe food kama wiki mbili. I swear akitoka huko atakimbia hadi Canada na hatawai rudi Kenya :D:D:D

NDII was arrested by Alenga Peter Gimwani, Service No 234336 & five officers from Flying Squad at Leopard Beach Hotel, Kwale. Alenga told Ndii’s wife that they’re taking him to Diani Pol Station. But Ndii is not at Diani. They have taken him somewhere else.


So what’s the intent of such a message? 12/12 iko watu watajua hajui for the last time

Miguna hata hayuko Kenya. alijua kutakuwa kubaya akahepa mapema.

Hehehehe huyo ni mbwa koko.

Spoken like a patriot. Leavet hem to their own devices.

What things? Everything?

Making a loser famous. Stupid decision to arrest him.

Everything from the NASA manifesto to the tallying centre and now to the people’s assembly.

If he broke the law he must be arrested. Nobody is above the law