BREAKING : COVID VACCINE IS NOT THE CURE!!! Vaccinated people are dying from Covid-19.



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BREAKING NEWS. Africans are dense

Breaking :chips ni viazi

Dont be daft and stop spreading fear

Wait, so a vaccine is not a cure?


Hii ugonjwa ilikuja kumaliza watu. And it will do what exactly it came to do. There’s no stopping this beast. Ata mfanye nini. Masks and vaccines are like trying to avoid a nuclear bomb by hiding inside your wooden house. So far trying to stop the virus has destroyed the global economy by a bigger percent than the spanish flu did. As a result, indirect deaths of poverty and hunger around the world are worse. Unazuia side moja hiyo ingine inatoboka shimo.

The experts say that vaccines don’t offer 100% protection, so nothing out of the ordinary.

All these are signs that the world is ending very soon.

The world has been ending “soon” for over 2000 years. We used to it

pastors should be vocal in fighting this corona pandemic , wamenyamaza sana… si waungane waombe hii korona iishe ?

I got vaccinated. My friends who weren’t some of em died. We were all maskless. So why did I survive?

life and death ain’t random

Huh., Ata wewe?:oops::oops:
Covid 19 vaccine was for the previous strand of virus. This is a new variant that will need a new vaccine. Just like the flu. has a new vaccine every year

Those conspiracies theories have gotten the best of them.

This flu will be the most expensive flu to human kind.

It was never meant to be a cure, it was meant to reduce disease severity.


God is there for us all, vaccine or no vaccine. So stop fear mongering coz everyone will die of something one day but for believers we take vaccine knowing that doctors or medicine or vaccine treat but it’s God who cures. If you are getting worried go closer to God because those who live under the shadow of the most High are always safe until the appointed date of their transition. God is in control. Do your part and leave to God the rest. Shalom.

What about natural immunity