Breaking : Coronavirus

Confirmed coronavirus cases:

  • China
  • US
  • France
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Nepal
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Malaysia

Modern warfare…Hata Ukimwi ilianza hivyo. Expect some of China’s exports to decline due to low demand of their foodstuff.

India bado? Bangladesh bado?

Kenya next wadau, Kamenuka

Fuxk off prophet of doom.

Eti. Source ni wachinku wanakula some kind of snake. Target 68M deaths

No snake, virus escaped from lab in rat faeces, which a porcupine ate,

Now this science fiction proper. Then the porcupine demolished a chinku


The porcupine was caught and taken to the local food market

Belly sliced, then came out some sliders

Ni CIA. :rolleyes:

Trump jealous of China success. He plans,to wipe out China and Iran. Like he wiped out Africans with Aids and Ebola so they could get all the minerals and land and leave innocent bleks with nothing.:rolleyes:

Cc : @Tom Bayeye and his fellow wakandans.

Exotic food

True, Sasa inasambaa kama ebola

CIA also funds shabaab, Isis, Al qaeda, boko haram, hamas, hezbollah, mungiki, 40 boys, SLDF, Taliban, Konny, Machar, sinaloa cartel , Kkk, Cali cartel, Crips, bloods, FARC, Konny, Machar, wakali wao, wakali wenu, wakali kwao, Italian mafia, Russian mafia, Yakuza, TRUMP MAFIA , …etc, etc.

CIA even started the fires in Australia so they could push the innocent blek Aborigines out of their lands to the sea and Australian pure whites can now mine the oil and minerals in peace.

The CIA funds corruption in Kenya so that whites can one day come in and take over the land and resources.

The CIA funded colonialism in Africa.

The CIA funds corruption in kenya police so that they keep the bleks down.

The CIA funded apartheid in S.A.

The CIA wants Somali and South Sudan Oil.

The CIA funds bad roads in Kenya so that the poor bleks don’t learn how to drive and become empowered.

The CIA brought AIDS to Kenya because they sensed we had oil in Turkana.

They also brought heroin to kill off Mombasa bleks and keep them confused and weak.

The CIA invented Ebola and all known evil diseases including the plague and polio.

The CIA sell drugs to bleks around the globe.

The CIA keeps black people in kibera slum just for fun.

The CIA destroyed Nairobi river so the bleks could have no water to drink.

Hitler was trained in the same CIA camp as Osama bin Laden. The camp is in Texas and Trump is a frequent visitor and graduate. There is a secret society of triggered Aryan whites who meet there to divide the earth.

CIA told babu owino to shoot that guy so he can trigger a third world…


KTalk Wakandans, Team China, Team Russia affiliates approve this message.

CIA killed arrafat
CIA killed Castro
CIA killed Gafaffi msito.

Parcels za aliexpress zitakam na coronation virus

They fucking stole my watch in class 2. Sijawai wasamehe.

Mr @patco, i politely ask you stop bringing heat to my side. I do not verbalize your sycophancy to trump and your adopted country and if i do its only in general endearment reffering to the amerukans . I do not want to start anything with you so please,kindly refrain from tagging me on witless posts and thread unless otherwise. I will do likewise .we cool?

You forgot to include yourself in the above list…