BREAKING : China is just itching to invade Taiwan.

As America collapses, China feels that now is the time. America has never been as weak as it is now.

China may decide to invade Taiwan any time from now.

This is from CNN not Fox news ndio msiseme right wing conspiracy theory

[SIZE=7]Chinese state media sets sights on Taiwan as US’ Afghan retreat stokes nationalism[/SIZE]
By Nectar Gan and Steve George, CNN
Updated 3:10 AM EDT, Wed August 18, 2021

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Hong Kong(CNN)The chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan has presented Beijing with a propaganda boost, with Chinese state media capitalizing on the crisis to trumpet the supposed decline of America and taunt Taiwan with threats of invasion.
The jingoistic rhetoric coincided with air and naval drills launched Tuesday by the Chinese military, which sent fighter jets and warships near Taiwan in response to what it called the “repeated collusion in provocation” by Washington and Taipei.
In recent years, China’s ruling Communist Party has sought to present the US as a fading global power. And now, the return of the Taliban to the streets of the Afghan capital is being touted by state media as the “death knell of US hegemony.

“The fall of Kabul marks the collapse of the international image and credibility of the US,” a commentary from state news agency Xinhua said Monday.

“Following the blows of the global financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, the decay of the American hegemony has become an undisputed reality. Its failure in Afghanistan is another turning point in that spiral fall,” it added.

The Global Times, a state-run nationalist tabloid, meanwhile, has repeatedly played up what it described as the “unreliability of US commitment to its allies,” suggesting the self-governing island of Taiwan could face the same fate as Afghanistan in the event of conflict with China.

Taiwan and mainland China have been governed separately since the end of a civil war more than seven decades ago, in which the defeated Nationalists fled to Taipei. But the Chinese Communist Party views Taiwan — a democratic island of around 24 million people — as an inseparable part of its territory, despite having never controlled it.

“Once a war breaks out in the Taiwan Straits, the island’s defense will collapse in hours and the US military won’t come to help.” the Global Times said in an editorial Monday.

Enzi za invasion ziliishia huko 1990s. Saa hii 2010 kuendelea we should all behave like grown ups.

Chinese media going on overdrive :

[SIZE=6]Update: Senator reveals ‘30,000 US troops stationed in Taiwan island,’ equal to ‘declaring war on China’ if it’s true;tweet deleted after wide controversy[/SIZE]
Liu Caiyu
Published: Aug 17, 2021 04:37 PM Updated: Aug 17, 2021 08:43 PM
Screen shot

A senior US senator, also a member of US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, on his social media revealed that the US has 30,000 soldiers stationed in China’s Taiwan island. If the tweet is correct, it is a military invasion and occupation of China’s Taiwan and equivalent to the US declaring war on China. China could immediately activate its Anti-Secession Law to destroy and expel US troops in Taiwan and reunify Taiwan militarily, some experts noted.

Some others believe the news leaked by the US senator cannot be true because 30,000 is not some small amount that the US Army could hide and not being noticed in the island, and the US has nothing to gain by stationing the US Army in the island. Sacrificing its own interests to satisfy Taiwan separatists also does not fit with US foreign policy, just like the US did in Afghanistan.

In the tweet, Senator John Cornyn listed the number of US troops stationed in South Korea, Germany, Japan, China’s Taiwan and on the African continent to show how the number of US soldiers has dwindled in Afghanistan. But in the process, Cornyn revealed the shocking news that there are 30,000 US troops in China’s Taiwan island.

His tweet raised a wave of doubts among netizens with many commenting below his tweet: “how come the US still has troops in Taiwan,” “so the US army has a secret division in Taiwan,” “Cornyn must have mistaken the number,” and “this should have been before 1979.”

President of Taiwan or rather the President of the Republic of China :



Taiwan is a province of china while ukraine is russians ancestral land

Taiwan is an island of 24 million and growing. Ata som point there won’t be enough resources to sustain the population there. It’s just a wait and see game until they eat themselves

Unless of course you are Russia. Crimea’s smooth annexation should be taught in military schools for the next 10,000 years

Taiwan hawaoni the bigger picture they will be better off under China.

China is rich because of Taiwan. Remember that back in the day many objects were written Made in Taiwan or Made in Korea. But these countries simply couldn’t meet world manufacturing needs.

It was Taiwan that proposed moving manufacturing to mainland China in the early 80s. But for America’s comfort Taiwan proposed using holding vehicles e.g instead of Apple going directly to China they would go there via Foxxcon such that if shit hits the fan in China, Foxconn can shift manufacturing back to Taiwan or India.

But realistically that is easier said than done. For China I think they are just being greedy. Their relationship with Taiwan works well for them . Sometimes too much greed is also harmful.

China has their hands all over the place in Africa, Asia you name it. In a situation of war with Taiwan even Kenya will suffer because there are so many pending incomplete Chinese projects. Definitely the U.S and her allies would cut off the Indian ocean. Na usisahau almost everything today comes from China. That would be a stupid war because everyone losses. (But siku hizi watu hawaambiwi.)

Wakenya,piganieni migingo,hii ya interneshen wachaneni nayo:D:D:D:D

@patco America with their top notch military hardware pale suguta valley. Hamuwezi toboa na pokot rustlers. Hapa mnafinywa na akina @Gaza.