BREAKING: China already scared of Taliban. What the fuck!!

Like many others I actually thought China could be the answer in Afghanistan but wameanza kukunja mikia mapema sana. :D:D

This is a CCP top journalist for CGTN. Therefore when he speaks he speaks on behalf of his sirkal :


Hio ni vita siwezi mind kuona ! Icare nothing for both sides nikama vita ya nyoka mbili, but just like the Russians and mericca the chinese too will lose !

Taliban would retaliate and revenge on China for the atrocities they committed to Muslims in Xinjiang. It would be messy I say. Kwanza vile Taliban supports East Turkestan, CCP should be ready for bombings

The slit eyed bastards wako na akili kiasi though. Wanajua how to deal with Islamic Jihadist terrorists. The last terrorists attacks in Xinjiang was in 2017. Wakikushika, wanakupeleka camp direct, no negotiations.

kula L bila kusumbua:D:D:D

Why would China bother with the Taliban? It would be advantageous to build a pipeline across Afghanistan but it would not be strategically critical, like building the panama canal. It’s just things that would be nice to have, not a thing they cannot do without. Any in Afghanistan, unlike Iraq. The US lost 6.5 Trillion on a vanity project. They only managed to kill hundreds of thousands of nameless nobodies, and then left as they came. That’s embarrassing no matter how you look at it. The US lost to cave dwellers who reject all forms of education. 99% of the Taliban probably can’t read. That’s right. If the US went back in time to 10,000 BC and found devolved humans living in caves, speaking in grunts, they would probably lose if those homo erectus had AK-47s.

Prepare to see Chinese beheadings on video. These people are cursed Mungu alisema Ishmael will be a wild ass of a man and will fight with everyone around him. You can’t change prophecy. Chinese watatii now they have put an arrow on their backs with the Islamic delusions, whereas before it was a preserve of the West.

China is Iran’s number one customer of oil. Angalia hio map huko juu vizuri, through which country would you build a pipeline from Iran to China?