Breaking! Building at roysa behind trmcollapses

Those houses are damn expensive mostly those behind TRM thats what i call GREED

There are very few buildings in nairobi that a really qualified engineer would give structural bill of health without ignoring something. If we were to bring them all down, we would have to rebuild the whole city.

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Lets rebuild the whole city

I support.

Sawa, tuanzie City Centre going outwards, just the way the city started.What goes 1st?

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Kuna Xtrail hapo salvage unaweza fanyia ukarabati, old monk alisema wewe ni fundi.


Ama watengeneze za mbao na za mabati mtaa.

mimi ni a real estate developer,na si kama jasusi.if you need advice in construction,talk to me

City center there are those buildings that werenā€™t brought down. They just added a few floors on the same foundation. If an earthquake happens we will all be homeless. And dead.

some technologies come too soon for africansā€¦eg cars an now highrise buildingsā€¦

on the plus side it can be considered a means of population control albeit an expensive one

House nigger mentality, bure kabisa.
We are corrupt and like cutting corners.I know home grown architectural & construction firms doing world class projects. Some of these funded by whities or more so are major equity holders.

Construction is not rocket science ,if you adhere to the standard building code you can build anything with minimal experts wannabe real estate developer,the sooner you realise the building is yours the better,

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like wakanyama said its not rocket scienceā€¦Build like your family will occupy the building.

and by the way you treat each other worse than niggers are treated.

hiyo Xtrail ikiuzwa na 250k vile iko sio mbaya

Yeye ni fowamani wa mjengo.

ati mimi ni foreman,ni sawa tu

Wewe ni foreskin

Sio kwa ubaya lakini hizi mijengo huanguka huwa za mashemeji money minded people.