Five judges allow reggae to continue

regggae is on guyz


Njoki Ndung’u ameiongezea hata a subwoofer

BBI favors Ruto more than Raila

yes angalau Ruto atapewa mshahara ya opposition leader

Ruto akitupia Mudavadi prime minister halafu mkamba mmoja kama kalonzo atupiwe kakitu itabidi Azimio izimike kuzimuni

Are the judges really independent? Let’s not cheat each other. Kupangwa tu. Lol


How have 5 judges allowed it?

The seven issues were all fatal to BBI.

It must be reconstituted and can’t proceed to a referendum in its current state.

Majority accept the President pioneered it and that renders it null

Kwani tunaangalia TV tofauti?

activist Court Of Appeal judges wameonyeshwa wanakula tu mshahara ya bure . only one of their decisions was correct

Hata me nimeshangaa.

Watu wa Assmio mmepigwa miti kwa Arss, BBI Final Death. Leo nalala na viatu :D:D:D

These cows are just consoling themselves. The bbi bill has been termed unconstitutional null and void.

Si wamesema ni unconstitutional … ama frequency ya hapa Kapedo imekuwa tampered with, na ina broadcast vitu zake.

It’s a boost for KK team in their campaigns.
Real boost.

Tupatane kwa debe Wadau

Nyinyi kwisha.

It will only be continued in bars and clubs.
The Constitution cannot be changed to satisfy the interest of few individuals. ~CJ


Reggae will one day resume play, for now the DJs wameambiwa playlist yao haifai