Breaking Bad Vs Narcos Review

The two share Lots of commanilities, in that, they both revolve around the lifes of two filthy rich drug kingpins whose lives are completely changed because of Drug money. While Narcos is based on a true story of Pablo Escobar, you will agree with me it gets boring with time as you all know the eventuality…Pablo gets killed,Good guys win bad guys loose …that kind of thing
But breaking bad though, the thrill that comes with the plot twist in every episode makes it a better and more realistic series to watch and repeat any day.

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There is no comparison there: Breaking bad will beat Narcos on any front: acting, cinematography plot etc


When you watch Narcos and Breaking Bad you’d actually think Breaking Bad was the TV show based on someone’s book and Narcos pure fiction

Breaking Bad has a lot of character development. Wimpy Walt to I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS Walt and him trying to live a double life. Childish Jesse to less childish Jesse.

In Narcos OTH Pablo is already in the game and see’s slight character development in comparison.

One thing remains though, Narcos is a very realistic portrayal of the psychopathy that make drug dealers. From Pablo’s narcissm, to his clearly impulsive actions decision making. His relationship with his family is also very realistic.

Narcos has a very beautiful approach to the narrative in my opinion.


TaftA el chapo

i think El chapos series will be much better . i lost the taste in watching Breaking bad after the lead actor was straight from a comedy (malcolm in the middle ) although i came to watch it later . i think Breaking bad was average but narcos was bellow average .