Breaking Bad movie is here

[SIZE=7]Breaking Bad’ Movie in the Works With Series Creator Vince Gilligan[/SIZE]


Booooooooooooo! Why? Why do we need a movie?

a movie will be nice… will never get enough of Breaking baf

To what end? What could you possibly want to see extended from the series?

Gilligan won’t disappoint… ile suspense na creativity haitakosa… Fingers crossed

Can’t wait to see @Mundu Mulosi.

@teamtalk why you misleading shitizens…its in the works. Not yet done. What if it fails to get off the ground? Utasay?

Kwani sijasema it in works

Just saw this on Twitter.
Mixed feelings about it…

I guess he is going on about the title but it’s okay tumepata memo Ahsante.
I’m skeptical about it though. The series was one of the best we have watched this decade, a movie might be luke warmish .

Thank you.

Itakua a major flop mbaiya mbaiya

I didn’t like the series so I won’t watch the movie

So, What story are they going to tell in the movie? IMO it’s a waste of time