Breaking Bad memories

I had almost forgoten how much I enjoyed it until I saw some memorable scenes from it.

The best ever series I’ve watched.


While Breaking Bad ultimately ended up being largely about the tumultuous partnership between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Jesse wasn’t originally intended to be a major character. While it’s often stated that he was supposed to be killed off in episode nine, and that it was the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike that saved him, Gilligan set the record straight in 2013, saying it became clear much earlier than that that Jesse’s character—and his relationship to Walter—was integral to moving the show forward.

“The writers’ strike, in a sense, didn’t save him, because I knew by episode two—we all did, all of us, our wonderful directors and our wonderful producers,” Gilligan said. “Everybody knew just how good [Aaron Paul is], and a pleasure to work with, and it became pretty clear early on that that would be a huge, colossal mistake to kill off Jesse.”

When asked during a Reddit AMA about how he would have felt if Jesse had been killed off in season one, Paul posited that, “My career would be over. And I would be a sobbing mess watching week to week on Breaking Bad.”

Don’t remind how I can never relieve the experience of watching this series first time… Bitch.

remeber the crazy Tuco Salamanca[ATTACH=full]204762[/ATTACH]
and at lunch time, me ate at[ATTACH=full]204763[/ATTACH]

I loved that guy @Mundu Mulosi

Realest nigga

Damn now I have to watch it again!

Did you watch Dexter?

Na ndivyo better call Saul sn4 imeisha upuzi.

This guy starred in another series called south beach, sadly it was cancelled after 10 episodes. Walikuwa mobster kama kawa.

Revolution pia haikuwa mbaya.

Gus Fring alikua muuuuoto lakini aliona moshi

This was epic.

Breaking bad and game of thrones are garbage

Watu wa Gilmore Girls wanakaa huko------------------------------------------> :D:D

Pale jessi aliona kutumia plastic tank ni upuss en used ceramic sink instead kudissolve ile jangili there by collapsing part of the up stairs floor :smiley: . Hii part hunimurder sana

Writers wa hii show walikuwa on meth pia hao.
Hio creativity was superhuman

I’ll mjinga alivifanya kujua upishi… Alimaliziwa fine thank you