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[SIZE=7]In pictures: ODM National Governing Council[/SIZE]
Friday, February 25, 2022

Orange Democratic Movement delegates during the party’s ODM National Governing Council at the Bomas of Kenya on February 25, 2022.

Governors Hassan Ali Joho and Wycliffe Oparanya will no longer seek the ODM presidential ticket in favor of party leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking Friday at ODM’s National Governing Council (NGC) meeting at Bomas of Kenya, the duo confirmed they had withdrawn from the presidential race.

“You are like my father. You are my mentor,” the Mombasa county boss said.

On his part, Mr Oparanya, who is also the Kakamega County Governor, said he did not stand a chance against Mr Odinga.

“I have looked the weather pattern and signs are not good. I withdraw,” he told ODM delegates.

ODM leader Raila Odinga (left) and deputy party leader Hassan Joho during the party’s ODM National Governing Council at the Bomas of Kenya on February 25, 2022.

Governors Wycliffe Oparanya (left) and Hassan Joho (right) who dropped their presidential ambitions in favor of ODM party leader Raila Odinga
at the Bomas of Kenya on February 25, 2022.

[SIZE=6]Opinion polls, joining Azimio[/SIZE]
Meanwhile, the party’s top organ also approved changes to ODM’s constitution which will allow opinion polls to be used in its nominations.

The NGC received unanimous support from delegates who argued that they will help the party pick popular candidates in a more cost-effective manner.

The NGC also adopted a proposal to have ODM join the Azimio la Umoja movement led by Mr Odinga and backed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Raila Odinga-led Azimio la Umoja and Kalonzo Musyoka’s One Kenya Alliance (OKA) have launched a twin attack on Deputy President William Ruto’s camp over allegations of runaway corruption.

Mr Odinga and OKA principals Mr Musyoka (Wiper), Gideon Moi (Kanu) and Cyrus Jirongo (UDP) have targeted DP Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza alliance, accusing it of plundering the country’s resources through corruption while perfecting the culture of handouts through what they termed their “ill-gotten wealth”.
Mr Odinga accused the DP and his alliance principals Musalia Mudavadi (Amani National Congress) and Moses Wetang’ula (Ford Kenya) of being part of the country’s problems.

From left: United Democratic Party leader Cyrus Jorongo, Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper) Raila Odinga (ODM) Gideon Moi (Kanu) dancing at Multimedia University during United Democratic Party’s NDC on February 24, 2022.

He recalled that when the Narc government took over in 2003, the country’s economy was growing at an insignificant rate, and that the DP and members of his camp had been part of the mess of the previous regime, which he noted they had served for many years.
"I want to remind the people of Kenya that when (Narc) took over in 2003, our economy was growing at zero point something percent. We had hit rock bottom,” Mr Odinga said.
“Donors had cut funding to Kenya. Corruption was our best-performing industry. Strangely, some of the people who handed to us an economy running at zero percent in 2003 are now lecturing us on how badly our economy is doing and how good they can be in fixing it. What a shame. What a lie.”

[SIZE=6]Dilapidated infrastructure[/SIZE]
He went on: “All the Kenya Kwanza principals were in or were associated with the government that in 2003 handed over to Kenyans an economy that was stuck at zero per cent, a dilapidated infrastructure, a collapsing education system, a dead health sector and a horrible international image. What can they fix now? What have they ever fixed in the past?”

He defended President Kenyatta, arguing that “when he was being tasked to defend an economy ran to the ground in 2002 as a presidential candidate, he was an outsider. He had hardly been at the centre of acts of commission and omission that led to the mess”.
“The men who were at the centre of that mess and who made him lose the 2002 election are now deluded and delusional principals in Kenya Kwanza. Just look at the front row at their rallies. They are all seated there, shouting economy,” he said.

[SIZE=6]Grand unity[/SIZE]
The grand unity in Narc, Mr Odinga noted, helped fix the zero percent economy they left to the country.
“Unity under the grand coalition helped us fix the economy that the post-election violence bequeathed us,” Mr Odinga said.
The ODM leader also defended his March 9, 2018 peace deal with President Kenyatta, noting that "it brought stability to our land”.
Dr Ruto has repeatedly accused Mr Odinga of interfering with the Jubilee government’s smooth running after his ‘Handshake’ deal with the President.
But Mr Odinga and President Kenyatta insist that the deal was the best thing Kenya ever had after the divisive 2017 presidential election.
“It gave the President space to work for Kenyans. It ended the era of blackmail, endless politicking and threats he was being subjected to. The hostage takers fled when the Handshake happened, and the country has been able to move forward,” said Mr Odinga.
Mr Musyoka said Kenyans know all those corrupt people in the country and will not condone them.

Jubilee party delegates during the party’s National Delegates Convention at Kenyatta International Convention Centre on February 25, 2022.
The party is expected to officially join Azimio La Umoja Coalition.

“For how long are Kenyans going to keep on repeating the same old mistakes? We know all those corrupt people. In fact, the corrupt have been regrouping. You can see them as they move across this nation.
“You can see the cartels moving in support of one candidate or another. They want to protect their interests and their ill-gotten wealth,” the Wiper leader said.
In an apparent attack on the DP and his team, Mr Musyoka said he was giving notice to corrupt leaders.
“We will give you a moratorium of six months to refund the money you have stolen. You have stolen our money till children have no jobs, they sleep hungry and yet you bribe them with the same money you have stolen,” Mr Musyoka said.
“After six months, we will be absolutely ruthless with you. We hope that the wheels of justice will turn as fast as they possibly can to catch up with you so that you will be the example,” Mr Musyoka said.
Mr Moi added: “Wale wezi tutahakikisha tumeweka kichwa pande hii na mwili pande ile ingine (For the corrupt, we shall ensure we behead you).
They were speaking during national convention of Mr Jirongo’s United Democratic Party at the Multimedia University on Wednesday.
The OKA team called for a “structured dialogue” with Azimio la Umoja before they could enter into a coalition deal.
President Kenyatta has repeatedly tried to reach out to the OKA team to work with Azimio la Umoja. Mr Musyoka confirmed that the President had talked to him over the deal with Azimio la Umoja.
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Businessman Jimi Wanjigi was denied entry to the indoor arena in Kasarani Stadium where the ODM NDC is being held.
He arrived at around 1 pm in a convoy of five vehicles accompanied by a group of youthful supporters.

However, Mr Wanjigi was blocked by security officials who insisted that he is not an ODM delegate. But upon deliberation, he was allowed in.
But other security officers at the entrance to the indoor arena chased him away and he had to run for dear life.
He was forced to take shelter at Kasarani Stadium police post before leaving the venue.
Mr Wanjigi’s supporters also clashed with ODM delegates at the meeting, with some of the youths accusing him of trying to disrupt the event.
After he left, order was restored at Kasarani Stadium.



Ujinga Daima Alliance(UDA) are in real pain right now.
Alibaba and 40 Thieves… Sugoi express…My sincere apologies.

[SIZE=7]Frustrated Ruto to Raila: Let Uhuru retire in peace :D:D:D[/SIZE]
Sunday, February 27, 2022

Deputy President William Ruto yesterday reacted to the Azimio la Umoja meeting in Nairobi, saying it is not the work of President Uhuru Kenyatta to unite opposition political parties.

Dr Ruto also criticized Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) chief Raila Odinga, accusing him of dragging Mr Kenyatta into party politics “so that the President can help him win the election in August”.

The President attended the ODM National Delegates Conference (NDC) yesterday after leading his Jubilee party in its summit, where he announced his “unwavering” support for the Azimio La Umoja Movement and Mr Odinga.

Dr Ruto said President Kenyatta should not be campaigning for the opposition.

“Do not force Uhuru to do the work of organizing your parties. He has been the President of Kenya for 10 years and you should stop bothering him,” the DP said in Nyeri.
“Allow the President to plan his retirement in peace and the kind of legacy he will leave. Raila should stop staging a contest between President Kenyatta and me. Kenyans know the difference between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. I am not competing with the President.”
The DP said it is strange for the President to settle on Mr Odinga to carry on with his legacy “yet he was not there when we formed the Jubilee government two times”.
Dr Ruto added that he supported President Kenyatta to form the government in 2013 and 2017 and that the ODM leader had never voted for him or Jubilee.
“We planned to build roads, connect more people to electricity and improve health services all under the Big Four Agenda,” he said.
The DP added that all was well until the March 9, 2018 handshake between President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga.

[SIZE=6]Party politics[/SIZE]
“He was not there when we started. We cannot agree to be taken back to the politics of division. We will remain together. Even with Uhuru retiring in August. We will ensure the projects started by the Jubilee government are completed,” the DP told the crowd.

“Hata mkituita wakora, sisi ndio tulimfanya Uhuru rais. (Even if you call us conmen, we are the ones who made Uhuru president). We are the ones who voted for him. We get the credit for all the work done.”
During the event, Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga formally joined the United Democratic Alliance, a party associated with the DP.
Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders Musalia Mudavadi of Amani National Congress (ANC) and Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetang’ula said President Kenyatta is “belittling” himself and his office by getting involved in party politics.
They added that the President should wait for August 9 “to retire honorably”.
Mr Mudavadi and the Bungoma senator said the President is a symbol of national unity and should stay focused on completing his term.
The ANC leader added that it is embarrassing for President Kenyatta to “shuttle” around attending party NDCs seeking to unite the opposition to face Dr Ruto in the August contest.
“It is the duty of the President to unite the country but he called us wakora today. I am confused,” Mr Mudavadi said.
“I have a question for the President. I want to know who will be on the ballot in August. Will it be President Kenyatta or Mr Odinga?”
The leaders asked President Kenyatta to “gracefully retire”, urging him to control his anger and focus on leaving a good legacy.
“I respect retired President Mwai Kibaki because he served his two terms and exited gracefully. He voted for his preferred candidate in March 2013 and went home,” Mr Mudavadi said.

[SIZE=6]Uhuru’s remarks[/SIZE]

“Why is Uhuru so concerned with who takes over the presidency? What is he trying to hide? Let him take a page from President Kibaki’s book.”
The leaders at the meeting criticized Jubilee for claiming to have kicked them out of the party, adding that they left a long time ago “when we discovered that it was dead”.
“They think they are chasing us from that party. Jubilee is dead. We left with our people and it is the people who have the votes,” Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro told the meeting.
Others who accompanied the DP were Senators Kithure Kindiki (Tharaka Nithi), Mithika Lithuri (Meru), Irungu Kang’ata (Murang’a), Kipchumba Murkomen (Elgeyo Marakwet) and governors Muthomi Njuki (Tharaka Nithi), Anne Waiguru (Kirinyaga), Josphat Nanok (Turkana) and Mr Kahiga.
The meeting was also attended by MPs Rigathi Gachagua (Mathira), Alice Wahome of Kandara, Jayne Kihara (Naivasha), Kimani Ichung’wa (Kikuyu), Mohamed Ali (Nyali) and several others.
The leaders demanded that President Kenyatta apologizes to the Church for his remarks during the Sagana Three meeting last week.
They asked their rivals in Azimio La Umoja to refrain from insulting religious leaders, adding that Kenya is a “pious” country.
“The Church is holy. Whether you like it or not, you have to respect it and its leadership. Let us compete based on agenda and leave the Church alone,” Dr Ruto said.
His sentiments were echoed by Mr Gachagua.
“President Kenyatta insulted the Church and its leadership at Sagana State Lodge. You can arrest us, insult us and look down on us but you have to refrain from attacking the Church. When he (Ruto) comes to power, we will start by sanctifying the Church,” the Mathira lawmaker said.

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[SIZE=7]UDA National Official Joins Azimio[/SIZE]
[li]By WASHINGTON MITO on 2 March 2022 - 2:00 pm[/li]
United Democratic Alliance headquarters in Kilimani, Nairobi
The United Democratic Alliance has lost another national official after Deputy National Organising Secretary Dr Wanjala Iyaya defected to the Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K).

On Wednesday, March 2, Wanjala was welcomed by DAP- K party officials after which a statement was released indicating that he had opted to support Azimio La Umoja Coalition.

He will also contest the Webuye East Parliamentary seat even as he received critical support from area elders who escorted him to the DAP-K party offices.
Ruto together with UDA party Deputy National Organizing secretary Dr. Wanjala Iyaya at a past event.

Interestingly, Iyaya had led Western leaders in paying homage to Deputy President William Ruto - just last week on Thursday, January 24.

"UDA party Deputy National Organizing secretary Dr Wanjala Iyaya who is also an aspirant for Webuye East constituency seat has officially joined DAP-K…Iyaya was accompanied by the TACUSO elders who affirmed the support for Azimio La Umoja," read the statement in part.

While speaking to, UDA communications director Wanjohi Githae stated that they were yet to receive a resignation letter from the former party official.

Other News:

During his visit to Ruto’s residence in Karen, Nairobi County in January, Ruto stated that the party official intended to represent the party in the Webuye East parliamentary contest.

Dr. Wanjala Iyaya being welcomed to the Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) by Wafula Wamunyinyi on March 2, 2022

“Welcomed Zachariah Baraza and Dr Iyaya Wanjala to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party. They have shown interest in Bungoma governor and Webuye East seats,” Ruto stated.

The defection of Iyaya comes days after National Treasurer Omingo Magara resigned from his position stating that he was displeased by the lack of democracy in the party.

“For a long time, I have harbored an ambition to be the Kisii County Governor through the UDA party where I was also the national treasurer. However, there have since been developments that render my candidature through the UDA Party impossible.… After considerable reflections and consultations with my people in Kisii County, national leaders, family, and friends, my political future and ambitions cannot be sufficiently addressed by the UDA party, I therefore immediately resign as a party member and as a treasurer,” the gubernatorial stated then.

[SIZE=7]Billionaire Who Confessed Taking Oath at Kenyatta’s Ichaweri Home[/SIZE]
[li]By PAUL KURGAT on 20 March 2022 - 3:58 pm[/li]
Former Presidents the late Daniel Moi (left) and Mwai Kibaki (left) with the late billionaire Njenga Karume.
With just 141 days to the August 9 General Election, the political season has hit the fever pitch. Politicians have taken to campaigning, referring to textbook tactics and some of them awakening ghosts from the past.

In the most recent comments that sparked debate, Moses Kuria gave his two cents on why Raila Odinga would not become president. In his remarks on March 18, he claimed that the people from Mount Kenya would not vote for him, owing to an oath taken in 1969.:rolleyes:

[I][/I] did research on this oath and came across the narration of billionaire Njenga Karume confessed to taking the oath at Jomo Kenyatta’s Ichaweri home and penned down what, according to him, happened.

In his autobiography, Beyond Expectations, Karume noted that the oath was ideated in July 1969 following the assassination of then powerful minister Tom Mboya, which caused political tension in the country.
Former Cabinet Minister and tycoon Njenga Karume.

He narrated that at the time, the Kenyatta government was being blamed for the murder. While it discoloured the relationship between the Kikuyu and Luo communities, it also illuminated the disunity between the various Agikuyu subtribes.

“There was an erroneous discontent during that difficult period. The Luo were grumbling and suppressed and the Kikuyu were more than divided than ever before. Other tribes felt that they were sidelined and neglected when it came to the benefits of Uhuru,” he stated.

“It was said that Mbiyu Koinange, Arthur Wayoike Thungu (Kenyatta’s trusted bodyguard), and a few others suggested that the Kikuyu community take a loyalty oath and commit themselves to the President personally. This way, those who took the oath would forever be religiously bound to support Kenyatta, no matter what else might happen,” Karume wrote in his book.

The late Karume told how he was made to take the oath at the late President Kenyatta’s home in Gatundu. He explained that he was asked to visit the residence by Kariuki Kimani wa Mbagi, the manager of Kenyatta’s firm in Njiru.
“Kariuki informed me that the president wanted to see me urgently in Gatundu. We met in Ruiru and drove to Gatundu together but when I arrived, I was not taken to Kenyatta’s house as usual,” he wrote.

He explained that Kariuki told him that the Head of State was waiting for him in another house, leading him to the security quarters.

However, when the got to the quarters, he was ushered into a dark room but the President was nowhere to be seen.
Instead, he spotted an old friend Kaniu Kinyanjui, a close friend, and several other me who were holding pangas. He was then instructed to strip down.

“‘Remove your clothes, my in-law,’ Kaniu told me. I immediately realised that this was an oathing session, I had taken oaths before, notably the Mau Mau ones…The oath involved chewing some mucky stuff and pledging my loyalty to Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the government, and his Kikuyu leadership, and to stand with my tribe at all times. I was also asked to contribute some money for the cause,” he narrated.

After partaking the oath, Thungu opened up that the alleged urgent meeting with the president was bait to lure him. It then dawned on him that there was a possibility that Kenyatta was not aware of what was happening.

He added that several cabinet ministers might have also been made to take the oath known as chai in the same fashion, with children also called upon to pledge their allegiance.
“I did not mind taking the oath so much, but I could not understand how it could be done at the president’s home.
The idiots were so sloppy that they even administered it to children, which was totally against the cultural concept,” he wrote.

Karume noted that the religious people were against the oath, noting that it brought more harm than good to the Agikuyu community. He opined that the oath further polarized the Kikuyu community.


"Some of the members of Kenyatta’s kitchen cabinet believed that if senior figures pledged their loyalty, it would make them more steadfast against the onslaught of other tribes.
“The politically beleaguered President is said to have accepted the idea rather reluctantly. The 1969 “chai” therefore worsened the existing situation by a considerable degree,” the late president’s close ally stated.

Apart from pledging loyalty to the president, some of those who took the oath were asked to ensure that the presidency would never go past River Chania (a reference to Nyeri County where the Kikuyu communities in Kiambu and Nyeri were at loggerheads).

However, the oath debate did not come up when Mwai Kibaki contested the presidency and got votes from across Kikuyuland.

Meanwhile… :D:D

Ruto on Sunday lamented that President Uhuru Kenyatta wrongly judged him as someone who could not protect his interests while outside government.

Speaking in Murang’a County where he took his Kenya Kwanza Alliance, Dr Ruto said the President is his friend and there was no way he could betray that friendship even when he retires.

“We have been through many challenges together including facing the International Criminal Court (ICC) with him…
We faced Mr Raila Odinga opposition together in 2002, 2013, and twice in 2017. I also consider myself to be his friend.
It was a mistake to alienate me for Mr Odinga," he said.

“My greatest shock was that, even if he felt I was not fit to succeed him, certainly by settling on Mr Odinga who had so far given us all sorts of political problems was the epitome of fine betrayal,” he said.

The DP assured President Kenyatta that if he wins in the August 9 polls, he will protect his legacy and that of his family.

However, his brigade accused the President and his strategists of capturing the national economy to a point that it is controlled by cartels and brokers.

They said the end result has been an economy that is exclusionist where it favors only the rich.
Dr Ruto said the exclusionist nature of the economy has seen the gap between the rich and the poor widen, with the middle-class now bearing the “cruel effects of taxation.”
Dr Ruto said he will sail through despite the odds and continue to deliver the national economy from the “exclusive club capture” and hand it over to Kenyans where all will enjoy equal opportunity.
“My government will ensure that tenders can be bided for and won competitively, export and import licenses be liberalized and taxation brackets be commensurate with earnings. Above all, we will ensure indigenous companies are protected from unfair competition by multinationals,” he said.

Amani National Congress Party leader Musalia Mudavadi accused the Uhuru administration of excluding Dr Ruto from his constitutional mandate of deputizing the president.
“The systematic alienation of Dr Ruto from the seat of power was for purposes of consolidating economic opportunities to an exclusive club. They have borrowed Sh8 trillion and intend to go on until they hit Sh12 trillion by August 9. That is money that has gone to selected few but which will be paid for with interest by all of us,” he said.
Mr Mudavadi said, “these people around the president calling others thieves are the true reflection of how thieves look like both by birth, occupation, and practice.”


[=AZWKBxDQiMG2SLOqhn1p9qUgfWB_5m2V_5gR-8UgtohZthz1gd4xukt2o4Ls3e9H-FttNQybZZOqdYYnArlpZcFHJOuIbzlNdDWUas-RJ7ngk43UCkTIqSzy-0HzLiYqmNGnIylAd_pTDzqqR9ZFIcDN&tn=R]-R’]Maxwell Victor]('[0)
We were created Luos before we became Kenyans and that must be acknowledged and respected forthwith.
Sometimes back Moses Kuria said, “Raila Odinga deserves one straight bullet in his head, Luos will demonstrate for one week
and keep quiet.”… he again took a photo at Roysambu with our own Chris Msando’s car after his assassination and made some
nasty remarks. He owes us an explanation to that effect.
As if those were not enough he’s gone a notch higher to blatantly insult our kingpin in broad daylight.
Sadly, Raila Odinga paid for his fees at the University of Nairobi when his circumcised father,
grandfather + his tribesmen couldn’t. Malipo ni humu humu duniani it may not be soonest but the payback time is coming.

[=AZWKBxDQiMG2SLOqhn1p9qUgfWB_5m2V_5gR-8UgtohZthz1gd4xukt2o4Ls3e9H-FttNQybZZOqdYYnArlpZcFHJOuIbzlNdDWUas-RJ7ngk43UCkTIqSzy-0HzLiYqmNGnIylAd_pTDzqqR9ZFIcDN&tn=R]-R’]Chris Kahuria - Author & Influencer]('[0) ·
Moses Kuria should know that when you insult, attack or demean someone on the basis of their tribe, you have done so to the entire tribe.
He cannot run away with that. The least he can do is to issue a formal apology to the luo nation and make it as loud as his statement that demeaned them.

[=AZWKBxDQiMG2SLOqhn1p9qUgfWB_5m2V_5gR-8UgtohZthz1gd4xukt2o4Ls3e9H-FttNQybZZOqdYYnArlpZcFHJOuIbzlNdDWUas-RJ7ngk43UCkTIqSzy-0HzLiYqmNGnIylAd_pTDzqqR9ZFIcDN&tn=R]-R’]Beatrice Otieno](‘[0)
[=AZWKBxDQiMG2SLOqhn1p9qUgfWB_5m2V_5gR-8UgtohZthz1gd4xukt2o4Ls3e9H-FttNQybZZOqdYYnArlpZcFHJOuIbzlNdDWUas-RJ7ngk43UCkTIqSzy-0HzLiYqmNGnIylAd_pTDzqqR9ZFIcDN&tn=R]-R’]Chris Kahuria - Author & Influencer]('[0) huyu mtu ni mgonjwa, you’d easily think his " certificate of being circumcised " will take him to heaven.

[=AZWKBxDQiMG2SLOqhn1p9qUgfWB_5m2V_5gR-8UgtohZthz1gd4xukt2o4Ls3e9H-FttNQybZZOqdYYnArlpZcFHJOuIbzlNdDWUas-RJ7ngk43UCkTIqSzy-0HzLiYqmNGnIylAd_pTDzqqR9ZFIcDN&tn=R]-R’]James Wachira]('[0)
Even if Moses has trouble with Luos, He means Nothing.
Moses over rates Himself, a condition found in Bipolar syndrome victims.
Luos have uncountable bright, intelligent sons & daughters including Barack Obama.
Many Luos have married Kikuyu daughters & sons.
God created & gave Luo a unique glory & gave others another glory.
Moses is trending on Dangerous ground by profiling & stereotyping a Community.
He is making his Apocalyptic Discourse ( end march).
A man whose End draws nigh begins to attack God’s Creatures from the Line of their Divine rights.
Moses is doing exactly that.

[SIZE=7]Kuria Responds to Martha Karua’s Move to Azimio[/SIZE]
[li]By GEOFFREY LUTTA on 23 March 2022 - 5:20 pm[/li]
Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria
Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has weighed in on former Justice Minister, Martha Karua’s decision to back former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s presidential bid by joining Azimio la Umoja movement.

Through his official social media page, Kuria noted that Karua’s decision to join Azimio was informed by her conviction and political ideologies.

“I respect the decision by my sister Martha Karua to join Azimio just like she respected my decision to join the Kenya Kwanza Alliance. Ultimately Kenya is the winner and democracy will prevail. May the best team win,” Kuria stated.
Raila Odinga (left) dawns Martha Karua with an Azimio la Umoja -branded cap at Serena Hotel, Nairobi on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

The party leaders, Moses Kuria (Chama Cha Kazi), Martha Karua (Narc-Kenya), and Mwangi Kiunjuri (The Service Party) founded the Mt Kenya Unity Forum which was among the first alliances to champion the interests of the Central Kenya residents.

After joining Azimio, Raila noted that it took an hour to convince Karua to join his side. The ODM boss stated that during the meeting the two recounted how they have worked together in the past.

He added that they have a one-of-a-kind experience that he doesn’t share with other politicians, thus decided to reignite their working partnership ahead of the August 9 polls.

Kuria attempted to convince Karua to join Kenya Kwanza prior to the former 2013 Presidential candidate opting for Azimio la Umoja. :D:D:D


The lawmaker opined that Karua and Ruto would form a formidable team that would eventually win the polls with a landslide.

He, however, maintained that in the event that Karua choose a different alliance, they would remain political allies.

"Pick a side and put on your jersey. I look forward to an imminent Ruto - Karua ticket to save this country from eternal dynastic domination and give hope to millions of children who went to school bare-footed.
Raila Odinga (left) and Martha Karua at Serena Hotel, Nairobi on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

“If you decide otherwise, you will still remain my sister, my senior, and my friend,” Kuria wrote.

Before announcing her move to join Azimio, Karua revealed that One Kenya Alliance (OKA) broke after she was sidelined in the signing of their coalition pact with Azimio la Umoja.

OKA co-principals, Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Gideon Moi (KANU), and Cyrus Jirongo (UDP), signed the deal in support of Raila’s presidency.

“One Kenya Alliance (OKA) was our collaborators for the sole purpose of negotiating together. But our colleagues decided to sign an agreement on their own during the Azimio National Delegates Conference. This means the sole purpose of forming OKA failed on that day. But we are still friends,” she stated.

“As Narc Kenya, we cannot hold anyone back. I don’t want to use the word betrayal because we all had the freedom to opt in or out of OKA. So it is their right.”





[SIZE=7]Sonko Joins Raila’s Azimio La Umoja[/SIZE]
[li]By MUMBI MUTUKO on 25 March 2022 - 6:58 pm[/li]
Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko joins the Azimio coalition and he is received by Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka as a WDM-K life member on Friday, March 25, 2022.
Sonko has joined Wiper Party allied to the Azimio La Umoja coalition.

Sonko met with Wiper Party officials led by former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Chirau Ali Makwere on Friday, March 25.

His team confirmed to that the ex-governor joined Azimio and was considering plans to contest for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat.

On March 10m the embattled politician announced his exit from the Jubilee Party accusing a faction aligned with President Uhuru Kenyatta of not defending him from impeachment.
Wiper Party leadership led by Kalozno Musyoka welcome Mike Sonko to the Party on Friday, March 25, 2022.

Sonko told the Jubilee leadership that he was appreciative of being a member of the party.

He also thanked the Jubilee Party leadership for sponsoring him while he served as Governor and wished them well.

"Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation as a member of the Jubilee Party effective March 10, 2022.

This is in the exercise of my rights to belong to a political party of my choice as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya," Sonko stated in the statement.

“I would like to thank the party leadership for the support they have provided me while I served as Nairobi Governor before I was unconstitutionally removed from office,” he wrote.

Sonko has not yet announced his future plans and neither has he confirmed that he will vie for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat as hinted by his team.

Meanwhile, Jubilee received more aspirants who are seeking to contest for various seats via the party tickets.

Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni welcomed David Musila who defected from the Wiper Party and expressed interest in the Kitui gubernatorial race.

[li][/li]Jubilee Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni and a section of Jubilee Party members at the party headquarters in Nairobi
Wambura Wa Maranga, 72, who is eyeing the Mathira Member of Parliament seat was also among the newly unveiled aspirants.
Kioni also welcomed former Tetu lawmaker Ndung’u Gethenji. and Esther Gathogo who defected from UDA. Gathogo intends to vie for the Ruiru parliamentary seat.


[SIZE=7]Why Azimio is Raila Odinga’s double-edged sword[/SIZE]
Sunday, March 27, 2022

The Azimio La Umoja coalition could turn out to be a double-edged sword for its presidential flagbearer Raila Odinga, pundits now say. How he manages it in the coming months will define his State House bid and that of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) after the August 9 elections.

With more than 25 political parties supporting his presidential bid, Mr Odinga – who is making the fifth stab at the country’s top job – is guaranteed voter mobilization and vote hunt simultaneously unlike his rival Deputy President William Ruto of the Kenya Kwanza alliance.
There is a likely high voter turnout in favor of Mr Odinga, particularly in areas the parties working with him are calling the shots.


However, the ODM boss finds himself in a unique situation compared to the 2017 National Super Alliance (Nasa) political plan.
The Azimio arrangement puts Mr Odinga’s ODM between a rock and a hard place pertaining to the number of seats the party will garner in August.
As a party boasting countrywide support, some outfits in Azimio La Umoja – which is also supported by President Uhuru Kenyatta and who has since endorsed Mr Odinga for the presidency – could lock it out by denying it victory or risk losing to Dr Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in areas its affiliates would also have candidates.
Since the Azimio presidential candidate has ruled out joint nominations, the decision is likely to hurt the coalition’s strength in the Council of Governors, National Assembly, Senate and county assemblies just like Nasa lost some seats in Nairobi to Jubilee in 2017.

[SIZE=6]Joint nominations[/SIZE]
In the case of Lang’ata constituency, ODM and Wiper party – both in Nasa – fielded candidates.
ODM leaders and members believe it lost the seat because of partners in Nasa, who refused to agree on joint nominations, leading to divided votes.

In 2017, the different parties under Nasa fielded candidates in Lang’ata constituency, a development believed to have given Mr Nixon Korir a huge advantage over his rivals.
Ms Judith Achieng of Wiper garnered 5,292 votes, ODM had 39,593 while Amani National Congress (ANC) and Ford Kenya had 1,274 and 349 respectively.
In the current National Assembly and Senate, the Orange party boasts of almost 100 members.
It has around 15 governors, a figure that might be reduced by the Azimio affiliate parties.

Prof Macharia Munene, a university don in Nairobi, argues that a big turnout which Mr Odinga intends to get from the Azimio La Umoja parties will be an advantage though it may also come with losing seats due to the outfits fielding candidates.
He adds that such a situation would mean Mr Odinga works extra hard as a president.
“It depends on how strong he will be as president in persuading lawmakers to go along with his policies. The methods of persuasion are not an issue,” Prof Munene told the Sunday Nation.
For political commentator Martin Andati, however, it is not a case of a double-edged sword.
He compares the Azimio La Umoja predicament to a polygamous family “where the interests of every group are catered for on a case-by-case basis”.

[SIZE=6]Focusing on the presidency[/SIZE]
According to Mr Andati, the ODM leader would require “Solomonic” wisdom to hold the Azimio La Umoja coalition intact.
“Raila has to carefully manage the various interests and egos while focusing on the presidency,” Mr Andati said.

With Azimio parties rejecting the zoning proposal, the risk of losing seats is high.
In the Kisii governor race, ODM, Democratic Alliance Party of Kenya (DAP-K), and Jubilee are to field candidates – yet the three are Azimio affiliates. It could work in favor of Dr Ruto’s UDA.
“We are in Azimio, which has many parties. You will have a free hand to choose leaders from the parties,” Mr Odinga said in Wajir County recently.
But yesterday, Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi who also chairs Mr Odinga’s campaign board, said there are four options that can ensure Azimion loses no seat – consensus, negotiations, polls, and universal suffrage (joint nominations).
“We can use consensus to avoid conflict. We can also use data. If you are polling at 2.5 percent and your rival is at 45 percent, that tells you that the latter is the stronger candidate,” Governor Muriithi said.
“There can also be negotiations and nominations where voters are allowed to choose. The law says nomination is by party members. After tomorrow (Saturday), the Registrar of Political Parties will give a certified roll of party members. It is not guesswork. If we go for a joint nomination, only members of a party will take part.”
Lugari MP and DAP-K Deputy Leader Ayub Savula say since the focus is to deliver votes for the presidency, the Azimion outfits are not ready for zoning.
He says the alliance may disintegrate if leaders insist on the plan.
“Let every party field its candidates. We do not want a situation in which UDA benefits from the Azimio zoning fallout,” Mr Savula said, adding that voters need to decide the fate of contenders.

A similar scenario is likely to play out in Nairobi in the event of consensus not being reached between ODM’s Tim Wanyonyi, Richard Ngatia, and Agnes Kagure in the governor race.
Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, who bowed out of the governor race in favor of his successor Cleophas Malala, gives ANC an upper hand in the county boss contest.
ODM and DAP-K intend to field candidates to succeed Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya who was elected on the ODM ticket in 2017.
The complicated situation has made seasoned politicians devise survival tactics against ingeniously formidable foes.
In some parts of Kenya where victory in the primaries almost guarantees success in the general election, the anticipated showdown has raised temperatures.
For fear of being rigged out, some politicians are planning to skip the primaries by joining fringe parties affiliated to the coalitions they support.
Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku ditched Jubilee to join ODM on Thursday just weeks after his predecessor David Nkedianye decamped from the Orange party to Jubilee.
“While listening to the country, we involved elders from Samburu, Laikipia, Nakuru, Narok and Kajiado counties who said the ground is ODM,” Mr Lenku said.
The two are expected to fight it out for the Azimio votes in Kajiado County.

[SIZE=6]Affiliate parties[/SIZE]
Whoever among UDA hopefuls – Katoo ole Metito, Francis Meja and Peris Tobiko – wins the ticket could benefit from the Azimio fallout.
Aware of the risk of allowing affiliate parties to field candidates, President Kenyatta’s Jubilee has started reaching out to the heads of the parties.

Mt Kenya leaders allied to Mr Kenyatta and who had pulled out of the ruling outfit are among those being asked to abandon their parties and help rejuvenate Jubilee.
They include Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui of Ubuntu People’s Forum and Mr Muriithi of the Party of National Unity (PNU).
Jubilee Director of Elections Kanini Kega yesterday told the Sunday Nation that individual interests would not be allowed to cripple Azimio ambitions.
He admitted that in areas like Nairobi, Azimio would be made to field one candidate for every seat.
“We will agree on the candidates so as not to split our votes. There is no doubt that we will have single candidates in Nairobi. In areas with few or no risks, we will allow Azimio affiliate parties to field candidates,” the Kieni MP said.

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Azimio parties in Laikipia gang up against DP Ruto’s UDA

Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi. Jubilee, ODM, PNU and Kanu delegates and county leaders endorsed his bid for a second term.

Parties under the Azimio la Umoja coalition have formed a united force against Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party in the Laikipia gubernatorial race.

Jubilee, ODM, PNU and Kanu county leaders met on Wednesday evening at a Nanyuki hotel and endorsed the Azimio campaign board chairman Ndiritu Muriithi as the coalition’s flag-bearer as he seeks to retain his seat in the August 9 General Election.
The delegates and Azimio grassroots leaders prevailed upon the governor to ditch PNU, which has limited support, and join Jubilee, where they guaranteed him a direct ticket.

Kilgoris MP Gideon Konchellah (Left) and Narok North MP Moitalel Ole Kenta addressing Journalists outside Narok County Commissioners’ offices on March, 23, 2022 Robert Kiplagat | Nation Media Group

Leaders allied to Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga in Narok have come out with guns blazing in reaction to Deputy President William Ruto’s claims of incitement and tribalism.

MPs Moitalel ole Kenta (Narok North) and Gideon Konchellah (Kilgoris), who are eyeing the gubernatorial and Senate seat respectively, said they were peaceful leaders.
“We have heard DP Ruto and his allies, who held a political rally at the border of Narok and Bomet, claim that we in Azimio are divisive and out to disrupt peace. I want to tell them to keep off Narok affairs,” said Mr Kenta.

The legislator dismissed claims that he would sideline some communities should he be elected governor, saying his record on cohesion speaks for itself.
“I have been MP for 10 years and Narok town, which hosts all the tribes, is within my constituency and no one has been chased away. Our opponents should shun such propaganda,” said Mr Kenta.
For his part, Mr Konchellah reiterated that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance was out to drive a wedge between communities that have been living together harmoniously.
“For the 20 years I served as Kilgoris MP, I have been able to keep the Kipsigis and Maasai communities together and if elected senator and Kenta governor we shall safeguard the interests of all communities,” added Mr Konchellah.

The leaders, who were accompanied by Youth Affairs PS Charles Sunkuli and Narok Maasai Council of Elders Chairman Kelena ole Nchoe, held a two-hour closed-door meeting on Wednesday with area County Commissioner Isaac Masinde to discuss peace in the county.
During the launch of UDA gubernatorial aspirant Patrick Ntutu’s bid, Dr Ruto warned the Azimio team against using the issue of Mau Forest to incite some communities.

The DP and his allies claimed the Azimio team only comes to Narok to incite people using Mau Forest and land issues and that they lack a political agenda to sell to the people.
Mr Kenta also called on the incumbent governor Samuel Tunai to clear pending bills and equip health facilities before the August 9 elections.
Mr Nchoe dismissed Dr Ruto’s claims, accusing the UDA camp of hypocrisy and playing politics of disunity.
While drumming up support for ODM leader Raila Odinga, Mzee Nchoe maintained that the community was solidly behind Azimio la Umoja.
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Jorge MKenya
…a piece of April 1 Fool’s Day ? :D:D:D:D

[SIZE=7]Kalonzo Wins in Latest Azimio Changes[/SIZE]
[li]By MUMBI MUTUKO on 1 April 2022 - 2:59 pm[/li]’s%20Karen%20residence%20on%20March%2018%2C%202022..jpg?itok=6Ai-R1f1
From left Kalonzo Musyoka Uhuru Kenyatta (center) and Gideon Moi at the Wiper Party leader’s Karen residence
Kalonzo Musyoka has had the last laugh in the latest changes announced by Azimio La Umoja Coalition.

On Friday, April 1, the political parties associated with the movement announced that the name had officially been changed to Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party.

Kalonzo had earlier announced that the name would change but, a proposal that did not sit well with many, especially ODM leader Raila Odinga’s allies who had sneered at him over the demand.
Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party, Secretary Generals of constituent parties sign an agreement on April 1, 2022.

As secretary generals of constituent parties signed the agreement, it emerged that the agreement between Azimio la Umoja coalition party and the more than 24 parties, was not yet deposited at the registrar of political parties.

During the initial stages of the agreement between OKA and Azimio, confusion emerged on what document was actually signed between Musyoka and the Azimio la Umoja team.

In an interview with KTN News, after he signed the deal to support Odinga for president, Kalonzo maintained that what was signed was a cooperation deal between Azimio la Umoja coalition and One Kenya Alliance to form a grand coalition dubbed Azimio One Kenya Alliance.

During the launch of the new political outfit, KANU sec gen, Nick Salat stated that they have taken a long time to actualize this new deal but they will be fully supporting Raila. The coalition will be having its first campaign in West Pokot.

“On behalf of my party, we are here to announce the formation of the Azimio La Umoja- One Kenya political party; we will give our team leader, Raila Odinga, the necessary support to actualize his Presidency,” he stated.

Kalonzo Musyoka will also be taking the lead role in Raila’s campaigns with other Principals after the formation of the Azimio One Kenya Coalition party.

Jubilee Party sec gen, Jeremiah Kioni announced that President Uhuru Kenyatta has been actively working with all parties involved to form the new outfit and push it to the level it has grown to.

Jubilee Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni

Kioni added that Uhuru was the crucial link and the principles involved are pushing for unity and prosperity of Kenya.

“The President has guided us by signing the agreement of Azimio- One Kenya coalition; it is a movement that stands for the unity and continuity of our country with the need to have shared prosperity and policies involving inclusivity,” Kioni stated.

[SIZE=7]Looming Crisis in ODM as 103 Politicians Threaten to Quit[/SIZE]
[li]By DERRICK OKUBASU on 3 April 2022 - 9:00 am[/li]
ODM leader Raila Odinga
Some 103 politicians in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party have threatened to quit in what they termed as an unfair nomination process.

Speaking on Saturday, April 2, the politicians from Kisii County, one of the ODM Party’s strongholds, noted that they were ready to walk to the party’s headquarters with their resignation papers ready.

They argued that they were opposed to the party’s plans to hand the current Woman Representative Janet Ong’era a direct ticket to defend the seat.

“All the aspirants, the 103 of us, do resolve that we shall meet on Monday (April 4) in Chungwa House Nairobi with our resignation letters from ODM party-ready in the event that this is not resolved by the National Elections Board (NED) under the chairperson,” stated a representative from the country in a press briefing.’era%20takes%20oath%20of%20office.jpg?itok=1cVuZsiP
Kisii Women Representative Janet Ong’era takes the oath of office.

"The issue of popularity that this is more popular than this one, I think is overrated. All that matters is how well you are known.

“They just say that this one is the popular one full stop. They should consider who is popular and what they have done,” argued a representative.
The women leaders from the region, however, defended Ongera arguing that she should be given the direct ticket owing to her loyalty to the party.
“Baba (Raila Odinga) had sent people on the ground and they did scientific research and Ongera ranked higher,” stated one of the women leaders.

Raila Odinga with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho and Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir

The battle comes even as the ODM party postponed its nominations in the Coast region where there is a fierce battle between Abdulswammad Nassir and Suleiman Shahbal for the gubernatorial ticket.

Ongera had bowed out of the race for the gubernatorial leaving 11 aspirants to square it out in Kisii.
During the February decision, she said at the time that she would be defending her current seat to complete the work she had started in 2017.

“Having reflected deeply on my political journey over the years and listened to my supporters across Kisii County, I have decided to defend my current seat in the coming general election,” she noted at the time.

[SIZE=7]Alfred Mutua, Azimio Bigwigs Threaten to Ditch Raila in 48 Hours[/SIZE]
[li]By BRIAN KIMANI on 6 April 2022 - 7:29 pm[/li]’s%20Capitol%20Hill%20offices%20on%20Wednesday.jpg?itok=WfRm8qks
Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua at Raila’s Capitol Hill offices
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has led Azimio partner parties in threatening to quit the newly created coalition party that is fielding Raila Odinga as its Presidential flag-bearer.

In a media briefing held on Wednesday, April 6, Mutua decried alienation by the big partners, arguing that they were shelved away from key decisions made within the coalition.

The party officials issued a raft of demands to the Azimio la Umoja movement coalition, threatening to look for other political partners if their conditions are not met within the next 48 hours.


“The document needs to be renegotiated to ensure that all interests are taken care of. The agreement should not be decided by three parties In the same way that they have introduced zoning through some technical terms, we want them to be done away with. As explained we have our candidates across the country hence we cannot subject our members to such zoning programs that they are trying to bring.”

“We must be listened to in order to fully join them. It must be known that time is running out but we still have options that we can invoke anytime,” Mutua stated.

The parties involved in the declaration include Mutua’s Maendeleo Chap Chap Party, the Democratic Action Party of Kenya (DAP-K) associated with Defence CS Eugene Wamalwa, Muungano party led by Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana, Chama Cha Uzalendo and Kenya Reforms Party.

Mutua pointed out that they only a section of people from his party had been allowed to view the draft coalition agreement for a limited time.

He affirmed that such actions would not be tolerated and added that they would not sign the agreement until their demands are looked into.
“We have not been given the draft coalition agreement to go through. Only some of our people have been shown and not allowed to look at it for long and we are expected to sign to it…In the document, they are forming a leadership head of just ODM, Jubilee, Wiper… they are the ones to decide where the rest of us will fit,” Mutua lamented.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, and Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana

DAP-K Secretary-General Eseli Simiyu shared Mutua’s sentiments, adding that all parties should be involved in determining Raila’s running mate.

“We expect all party’s National Delegates Convention (NDCs) to give the name of Raila’s running mate, not the decision to be made by a few people. The running mate has to be named by the same people who named the former Prime Minister as the flagbearer,” he stated.

Kibwana, on the other hand, announced the formation of a caucus known as Mwanzo Mpya that would bargain on behalf of the parties present at the meeting.

He added that the Azimio la Umoja team should add the caucus to the draft coalition agreement.
“Before other people are now asking to be at the front seats of the coalition, When some people had doubts about Azimio, we sacrificed to be founding members of the coalition. Some of us gave up our Presidential ambitions because we believed Raila given his history was the candidate to be supported…We can’t be wished away like that. Some people called us small parties but you will never know until after the elections when the results are announced. We believe that the parties in Mwanzo Mpya will make a mark in this year’s election,” he stated.