Breaking...another brutal Eldoret murder...

32 year old policewoman brutally murdered by suspected lover at Naiberi police post. Details to follow zikipatikana

nimesoma mahali ati residents claimed that the suspected attacker might have been known to her as they did not hear cries for help from her house.

is there a murder that isnt brutal?

na sasa hizo details si ukae tu nazo. What else utaleta

D- wakishika mafeelings

Acha ningoje Digi na emerging details…


If I kill you using cyanide you are gone in seconds.
No pain.
No brutality.
And that’s only one pain free method I have mentioned.

what tribe was she?

How is this breaking.Kuwa idle ni mbaya.Si atleast you take a walk ukakague shamba,miradi that is if you have any.

Umepata mtu wa kukusugua?

Bado kuja unisugue na ukuje na rob

Yes ! Only mortians can prove the course of the death


niaje mungich…mambo ya liwe liwalo inaendaje brare fwaken shiet. wacha nikushow tu ukweli…in my eyes wewe ni doggy ina rabies

Rob ya nini?
Si unahitaji tu mjuols ya 9 inch uisikie kwa kahasho.

Chief village idler @gashwin Ni mafii

Munaongeaga tu,ile ngumi naweza lima mtu akijaribu huo mchezo

It seems that Naivasha and Eldoret are the centers for homicides in Kenya.
Rest in peace Police Constable Robina Moraa

Moraa…kisii! Why?

Coz she was at the wrong place at the wrong time?